Malaysia announced the DPRK Ambassador persona non grata

Kang Chol – Malaysian authorities have announced Ambassador to the DPRK in Kuala Lumpur Kang Chul persona non grata within 48 hours, he must leave the country. On Saturday, March 4, according to Reuters. According to the Associated Press, this is due to the death of a citizen of the DPRK in Malaysia, which, presumably, is Kim Jong-Nam — the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. Earlier on 4 March, the citizen of Korea Lee Chung-Chul, who is in Malaysia suspected of involvement in the death of Kim Jong-Nam, said that Malaysian police tried to intimidate him by the loss of his wife and children if he did not plead guilty. In the night of 4 March, 47-year-old Korean man with his wife and two children were deported from Malaysia to Beijing. A citizen of North Korea with passport in the name of Kim Chul died on February 13

More than a hundred Somalis died for two days because of the drought

Hasan Ali Hire Over the past two days, more than 110 people in Somalia died because of the drought and its consequences. This was announced by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire its words transfers Associated Press. He urged citizens and the international community to take immediate measures of emergency assistance. According to the Agency, the statement of the head of the Cabinet was the first official estimate of deaths due to the outbreak of the country’s drought — the country suffers from epidemics of cholera and other diseases caused by this disaster. Many people, especially women and children, are highly susceptible to diseases because of chronic hunger. According to the International organization for migration, to help hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable people in the country need to 24.6 million dollars. In 2011, under similar circumstances, killing more than 250 thousand people. Somalia is one of the countries that

The fire area of 800 sq m took place in Yekaterinburg

In a warehouse in Ekaterinburg there was a fire on the area of 800 square meters. About it reports a press-service of EMERCOM in the Sverdlovsk region.   According to preliminary data, has lit up the roof of the warehouse. In place of the left operational service. Extinguishing attracted 70 people and 22 units of equipment.   Police and the emergencies Ministry are working out different versions of emergency. One of the reasons was a short in the wiring. It is noted that to date the fire was extinguished. Photo: EMERCOM of Yekaterinburg

South Africa will abolish visas for Russians from March 30

Russia and South Africa have reached an agreement on mutual visa-free regime, which will come into force on March 30.   As reported by the official Twitter of the Russian Embassy in South Africa, “March 30, 2017, are abolished visa requirements”.   At the moment, the Russians have a passport, can enter without a visa to more than 40 countries. Photo: Sator, WHJ / Globallookpress

Legacy of terror: at Palmyra burning gas fields of ISIL

After the retreat of ISIS militants (banned in Russia) at Palmyra burning gas field. The main heat source is a gas well Hayan, which was set on fire by the terrorists, reports RT.   Earlier it was reported that units of the Syrian army embossed bands of terrorists from 29 villages to the East of Aleppo. Currently Aleppo is under full control of government forces.   Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is ready to continue the fight against ISIS alone. According to him, Russia is ready to continue the fight against terrorists even without US participation.

In the suburbs 11 thousand chickens died from bird flu

In the Moscow region from bird flu in four days killed more than 11 thousand chickens. On Friday, March 3, reported the TV channel “360,” a source in law enforcement bodies. The die-off of birds occurred at the state enterprise “Change” in the village of Bereznyaki of the Sergiev Posad district. The epidemic began there on February 27. In the “Change” where the 11 poultry houses, imposed a state of emergency. According to Вести.Ru in February, the bird flu was detected in swans, the dead on the banks of the river Pregolya in Kaliningrad. Emergency workers found three dead birds during the RAID. Rosselkhoznadzor advised local residents not to contact with migratory waterfowl. From 14 February, the Agency imposed temporary restrictions on import of live birds and eggs from various regions of Italy, Greece and Poland, where it has been identified an outbreak of avian flu.

Clients from Tatarstan banks presented an ultimatum to the authorities

Ildar Khalikov Clients deprived of a license of the Tatarstan banks gathered at Freedom square in Kazan at the government building and submitted to the Prime Minister of the Republic Ildar Khalikov petition. On Saturday, March 4, reports “Interfax”. “I gave him an ultimatum, which consisted of two points: to appeal the decision of the Central Bank on revocation of licenses of Tatfondbank and Interbanca, and the second requirement is to pay all creditors of banks cash in full,” — said the Agency activist Alexander Limanowa. About reaction of the authorities of Tatarstan information yet. On March 3 the Bank of Russia revoked the license of Tatfondbank and his partner Interbanca. According to the Bank, Tatfondbank, having low-quality assets, inadequately assessed risks. The reassessment of credit risk and objective reflection of the value of assets has led to full loss by Bank of own means. 13 Dec Tatfondbank has suspended

In Thailand, a lost tourist from Russia

In Thailand, a lost tourist from Russia Valentina Russian tourist Was lost while traveling in Thailand. This reports the Bangkok Post. According to the newspaper, 23-year-old woman settled in one of the hotels in Koh Tao on February 11, and five days later had to hand over the keys and leave, but didn’t. The hotel staff waited a few days and decided to explore in her room, they found personal belongings of a woman, her passport and mobile phone. Relatives of the missing woman appealed to the authorities of the country and said that can’t get in touch with Novozhenova and also do not have any information about her whereabouts. Police began the search: investigators learned of her personal belongings, information about calls from mobile phone and interviewed the owners of nearby shops, but found nothing suspicious. Soon they intend to read the records from surveillance cameras.

LDPR offers to return to the Imperial flag and the Imperial anthem

Photo: RIA Novosti The LDPR faction has submitted for consideration the lower chamber the draft resolution “About the statement of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation “On state symbols of the Russian Federation”. Information about this posted in the Duma’s electronic database. As explained TASS Deputy head of the faction of the liberal Democrats Yaroslav Nilov, “we are talking about returning to the Imperial state symbols”. Earlier, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has repeatedly offered to return the black-yellow-white flag and anthem “God save the Tsar”.

VTSIOM: Russians ready for a new “dispossessed”

Photo: RIA Novosti Russians support the idea of nationalization of property of oligarchs. This statement was made General Director of all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) Valery Fedorov. His words RIA Novosti reported. “The attitude is bad, and dynamics, there is no. But there are oligarchs and there are business entrepreneurs. Over the past eight years have dramatically improved the attitude of Russians towards entrepreneurs and dramatically increased the number of those who would like to do business,” said Fedorov. According to the sociologist, the oligarchs, the Russians are described as people “zahapat itself is huge, expensive pieces of what used to be called public property”. Fedorov added that 27% of citizens would like to open their own business.