In Kiev accused the Americans blockade of Donbass

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik has not excluded that the blockade of Donbass was organized by representatives of the United States to weaken both Russia and the regime Poroshenko.   According to the expert, the embargo is not organised Garden and Kolomoisky, who are merely intermediaries. “The siege damage of the power, but also Russia. The impression that customers have of all this are beyond the ocean”, — quotes the words of Bortnik   As the expert noted, perhaps for this reason, a meeting of the President of the United States Donald trump with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko, which was planned in the coming weeks. Photo: the Headquarters of blockade thergbl z occupiers / Facebook

Radicals are building obstacles on the railway connecting Ukraine and the Russian Federation

The radicals began to build obstacles on the railway in Konotop Sumy region on the border with Russia, preventing the cargo. This was reported on page the so-called headquarters of the blockade in Facebook.   “Engineering is the improvement of the area”, – stated in the message.   Also it transpires that the radicals intend to take control of all railway crossings which conducted trade with Russia.   At the end of February beyond the control of Kiev radical groups blocked the passage of goods from the Donbass on the roads and over the railroad tracks. On 3 March, the authorities DND decided to impose retaliatory measures against Kiev. Photo: the Headquarters of blockade thergbl z occupiers / Facebook

The Russians appreciated the work of women politicians

Valentina Matvienko The majority of Russians (66 percent) approve of the participation of women in politics and don’t mind that they take up senior government posts. The survey “Levada-center”, reports “Interfax” on Friday, March 3. At the same time, according to sociologists, in 2016 this figure was higher and amounted to 77 percent. Do not approve of the conduct of women in political activities 30% (previously 20 percent). In addition, decreased percentage of citizens who agree that women occupied the highest state posts on a par with men: 56, against 64 last year. Against this, voted 38 percent of study participants (previously 28 percent). To see a woman President in the next 10-15 years ready one-third (33 percent), not ready — more than half (54 percent). Most Russians believe that at the moment more likely to achieve promotion in men (48 percent) than women (seven per cent). Another 41 percent

More than a hundred Somalis died for two days because of the drought

More than a hundred Somalis died for two days because of the drought Over the past two days, more than 110 people in Somalia died because of the drought and its consequences. This was announced by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire its words transfers Associated Press. He urged residents of the country and the world community to take immediate measures of emergency assistance. According to the Agency, the statement of the head of the Cabinet was the first official estimate of deaths due to the outbreak of the country’s drought — the country suffers from epidemics of cholera and other diseases caused by this disaster. Many residents, especially women and children, are particularly vulnerable to diseases because of chronic hunger. According to the International organization for migration, to help hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable people in the country need to 24.6 million dollars. In 2011, under similar circumstances,

Zakharova called false accusations in the preparation of the Moscow coup in Montenegro

Photo: RIA Novosti Statements about the involvement of Russian secret services in the coup attempt in Montenegro – “this is pure lies,” said the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova. Words Zakharova, RIA “Novosti”. The Kremlin previously said that irresponsible statements of the Prosecutor of Montenegro of Milivoja of Katnica that the official Russian authorities allegedly involved in the attempted coup in that country. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov also stressed the unfounded allegations.

The government of Sevastopol allowed the demolition of unauthorized constructions without a court order

Photo: RIA Novosti The government of Sevastopol approved the decision on the demolition of unauthorized capital structures in the city. On Thursday, March 2, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers. “Previously, the legal relationship has not been settled. Capital projects can be demolished only on the basis of a court decision. This procedure was delayed for years, so we took the practice of other subjects of the Russian Federation. For example, in Moscow such objects were demolished after the suggestions to the owner of the illegal facility to dismantle it yourself,” said the Director of the Department of land and property relations Rustem zaynullin. He added that the decision was taken due to the fact that often the owners of buildings is difficult to establish. “We did some owners can not be found together with law enforcement agencies, consequently, no one to hold in court. So now we

Malaysia expelled the North Korean Ambassador from the country

Malaysia expelled the North Korean Ambassador from the country This decision was made in connection with the murder of his brother, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Nam. Moscow. March 4. INTERFAX.RU — Ministry of foreign Affairs of Malaysia announced the expulsion of Ambassador of the DPRK in the country, transfers on Saturday Agency Associated Press. According to him, the decision was made in connection with the murder of his brother, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Nam. Kim Jong-Nam died February 13, on the way to the hospital after the airport of Kuala Lumpur two women splashed his face with liquid containing a highly toxic VX substance. Earlier on March 2 Malaysia has abolished the visa-free visit to the country for citizens of North Korea on the background of complications of relations between the two countries associated with the death of Kim Jong-Nam.

The Kremlin said that Russia is ready to continue the fight against ISIS alone

The Kremlin said that Russia is ready to continue the fight against ISIS alone Russia is ready to continue to fight Islamic state (the terrorist organization recognized by Russia banned) without the help of the United States. This follows from the statement of press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov in response to a request from TASS to comment on the publication Associated Press, which refers to the plans of U.S. President Donald trump to postpone “the deal with Russia”. “Moscow and so continues the fight against ISIS]”, — quotes Agency the words of Peskov. Informed AP referring to sources in presidential administration reported that trump may postpone the conclusion of the transaction with Russia in the joint fight against ISIS on the background of scandals caused by the suspicions of the relations of the members of his team to Moscow. In late February, the press Secretary of the White house

Trump accused Obama of tapping his phones

Trump accused Obama of tapping his phones Earlier, the German Der Spiegel reported the surveillance of trump during the election campaign, he the 45th President of the United States wrote about the involvement of the former leader of the country. Moscow. March 4. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. President Donald trump has accused his predecessor Barack Obama that he organized the wiretapping of billionaire before the elections, which took place in November 2016. Monstrous! Just found out that Obama had organized the wiretapping my phone in trump tower just before the victory. Haven’t found anything. This is McCarthyism!Donald Trepresent USA He is convinced that a good attorney can build a winning case on the fact that in October 2016, Obama instructed to install listening devices in the phones of the team trump. “How low President Obama that listened to my phone during the sacred electoral process?! This is a scandal of the

In Thailand, a lost tourist from Russia

Valentina Russian tourist Was lost while traveling in Thailand. This reports the Bangkok Post. According to the newspaper, 23-year-old woman settled in one of the hotels in Koh Tao on 11 February and five days later had to hand over the keys and leave, but didn’t. The hotel staff waited a few days and decided to explore her room, they found personal belongings of a woman, her passport and mobile phone. Relatives of the missing woman appealed to the authorities of the country and said that can’t get in touch with Novozhenova and also do not have any information about her whereabouts. Police began the search: investigators learned of her personal belongings, information about calls from mobile phone and interviewed the owners of nearby shops, but found nothing suspicious. Soon they intend to read the records from surveillance cameras.