Obama’s spokesman has denied the charges trump the wire

Donald trump and Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama and members of his administration did not organize the surveillance of the current us leader Donald trump. As reported on Saturday, March 4, Reuters, this was stated by Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis.

“Neither President Obama nor any White house officials never gave the order to conduct surveillance of any U.S. citizens. Any suggestion to the contrary is simply wrong,” said Lewis.

He also stressed that the previous presidential administration did not interfere in an independent investigation American Ministry of justice.

So Obama’s spokesman has denied the statement trump made earlier on Saturday. “Just found out that Obama tapped telephone conversations in the “trump tower” in front of my victory. Haven’t found anything. This is McCarthyism!” — wrote the current U.S. President on Twitter, calling it a new bottom and comparing with the Watergate scandal. Donald trump added that the wiretapping was conducted from October 2016, however, no evidence is cited.