Near the border with Turkey fell fighter of the Syrian air force

The MiG-23 Syrian air force

The MiG-23 Syrian air force crashed near the border with Turkey. About it as informs television channel Haber Turk, said the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

According to him, the pilot managed to eject, he could land on the territory of both Syria and Turkey. The search for the pilot of the gendarmerie and the police.

Earlier on Saturday, gunmen from the organization “Ahrar al-sham” claimed to have shot down in the North-West of Syria MiG-21 belonging to government forces. The extremists said in his Twitter that shot down the plane with a 23-millimeter machine gun.

Turkey is already more than six months spent in the North of Syria a military operation against Islamists. In February, the Istanbul began to coordinate his actions with Moscow and official Damascus. At the end of the month the Turkish military managed to free from terrorists banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” the city of al-Bab.