More than a hundred Somalis died for two days because of the drought

More than a hundred Somalis died for two days because of the drought

Over the past two days, more than 110 people in Somalia died because of the drought and its consequences. This was announced by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire its words transfers Associated Press.

He urged residents of the country and the world community to take immediate measures of emergency assistance.

According to the Agency, the statement of the head of the Cabinet was the first official estimate of deaths due to the outbreak of the country’s drought — the country suffers from epidemics of cholera and other diseases caused by this disaster.

Many residents, especially women and children, are particularly vulnerable to diseases because of chronic hunger.

According to the International organization for migration, to help hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable people in the country need to 24.6 million dollars. In 2011, under similar circumstances, killing more than 250 thousand people.

Somalia is one of the countries that designed a package of assistance totaling more than four billion dollars allocated by the United Nations. In the list of international organizations also includes Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia. The money should go to avoid mass starvation.