French MP has proposed to prohibit marriages between migrants

Member of National Assembly of France, Jacques Miyar sent to the Ministry of justice a proposal to ban marriages among illegal migrants. On Friday, March 3, reports RT with reference to the document.

“Marriage is the basic human rights that is recognised by many international conventions… But it is unacceptable to allow to marry in France without the ability to establish the authenticity of identity documents”, — it is told in Deputy inquiry.

According to him, the conclusion of the marriage unions between refugees can lead to uncontrolled migration. “In addition, it is impossible to check whether this man in another marriage. And it will strain relations with other countries,” says Miyar.

As noted, against marriage between undocumented migrants are also some deputies of France in the European Parliament.

Earlier, on 3 March, Le Monde reported that the mayor of the French town of Calais, previously occupied by a spontaneous refugee camp “the Jungle”, in fact banned from distributing food to the migrants. A newspaper made on the basis of the decision of the mayor Natalie Bouchard, which States about the ban on gatherings in the city. As noted, this was taken after Calais was visited by the Minister of internal Affairs of France Bruno Le Roux.

On 8 February, the interior Minister of Italy Marco Minniti offered to provide migrants with unpaid jobs. “You need to use applying for refugee status for public works that can be financed by the European funds,” he said, adding that hospitality “cannot be infinite”.

In 2015 the EU, the crisis erupted because of the influx of refugees. According to the International organization for migration (IOM), for the year came to Europe more than a million displaced.