The Supreme court has explained the virtual absence of acquittals in Russia


RIA Novosti

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Vladimir Davydov explained the virtual absence in Russia of acquittals. Now, according to statistics, less than 1%.

According to Davydov, quoted by “Interfax”, a critical analysis of court practice “certain items”, considering that the percentage of acquittals should not be less than 18-20%, is not tenable, since “they at all desire can not so much be a maximum of 10%”.

Davydov explained that the low number of acquittals promotes primarily a special order of consideration of cases on which the defendants themselves agree. Using this mechanism deals with 65% of all cases, and admits his guilt of the defendants 90 out of 100.

However, Davydov added that he did not know “good or bad”.

Recall that the special procedure provides for the refusal of the accused to trial, instead the court may not impose a sentence for a term exceeding two thirds of the maximum envisaged by article of the criminal punishment.

Thus, by adopting the “special procedure”, the defendant in the future will not be able to appeal the facts of the case and agrees with every word in the indictment.