The state Duma: Brexit has moved the ice in the minds of British politicians



Earlier today, British MPs have published a report on the state of relations with Russia. It contains a recommendation to expand contacts with Russia in various fields. According to the Chairman of the international Committee of Parliament Crispin blunt, the current British government better than the former, understands the importance of cooperation with Russia.

It was the decision to withdraw Britain from the European Union caused the British understanding of the necessity of revision of relations with Moscow, said the Slutsky.

– Obviously, Brexit has moved the ice in the minds of British politicians seriously. We only welcome such a position of our counterparts in the House of Commons and is ready to develop the most forced dialogue, – he declared to journalists. We need to catch up in the relationship over the years.

According to the head of the Committee, the parliamentarians of Russia and the UK in the near future to hold a joint meeting. They will discuss issues of bilateral relations and problems facing the international community. With the offer of such meeting will be made by the state Duma.