The head of Dagestan announced the return of the middle Ages in the region


public domain / Hieronymus Bosch

The head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov at a business Breakfast in the framework of the investment forum in Sochi, said that the industry in the region is at the level of the late feudal system. It is reported by the RNS.

According to him, now the industry employs about 5 percent of the population of Dagestan, although in the early XX century, the figure was 7 percent. “If we in the industry fell to a feudal level, revives the middle Ages, we are overwhelmed by ignorance,” he was indignant.

Also Abdulatipov said that the inhabitants of the Russian Caucasus go to Moscow because of the low standards of social security at home. He stressed that the level of welfare in the region is 60 percent lower than in the capital. “So, for centuries, we are laying the crisis. We have 200 years of one country, we fraternized, but it’s words and policies. And under the policy need economy,” he said.

The head of Dagestan said that in 2017 the region increased subsidies to 6.3 billion rubles, but, according to him, Dagestan “right projects to use does not cost money, and funding sources.”

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the North Caucasian Federal district has improved its performance in the socio-economic spectrum, but challenges remain. The head of government noted that in this district the highest in the country unemployment rate.