The EP voted for deprivation of Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity

The EP voted for deprivation of Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity

BRUSSELS, 2 Mar — news, Alexander Shishlo. The European Parliament (EP) on Thursday in the framework of a mini-session in Brussels voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of the leader of the party “national front” and the head of the parliamentary faction “Europe of Nations and freedom” marine Le Pen, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Voting was conducted by show of hands. “A clear majority voted for the removal of immunity”, — announced the results of the voting the presiding officer.

For the removal of immunity of a candidate for President of France on Tuesday voted by the EP Committee on legal Affairs. In France, marine Le Pen is involved in the investigation opened by the Prosecutor of Nanterre in connection with the photographs of the atrocities of the Islamic state (banned in Russia) that the politician posted on his Twitter. The request for withdrawal of Le Pen’s immunity was sent to the French side. However, the decision of the EP, according to experts, will not affect the status of the policy as a presidential candidate.

Flanked by the leader of the party “national front” in the statement of a question on deprivation of parliamentary immunity does not see “nothing amazing”. “On the eve of the election our opponents aktiviziruyutsya”, — told RIA Novosti source in the parliamentary faction of Le Pen.