The Agency complained about of the Russian Orthodox Church

The Federal property management Agency, Russian Federal research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) and the Federal Agency for fishery sent a cassation complaint against the action of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), which required the transfer of the building research Institute in his charge. About it reports TV channel “360” with reference to the press service of the Agency.

The Department explained that another building for VNIRO not provided. The Institute is the leading in the industry of fisheries, and his work makes a significant contribution to its support, said the Agency.

The Agency also stated that the building contained VNIRO laboratory with a unique molecular machines that do a large amount of expertise.

The building achieves the Patriarchal metochion of the Moscow Alexeevsky monastery. The abbess of the monastery and the head of the legal service of the Moscow Patriarchy Xenia (Chernega) stated that the reason for going into law was the ruin of the institution of the tomb of the abbess.

VNIRO building was rebuilt in the Soviet years, from the Church of the exaltation of the cross. Mother superior noted that the use of the premises to purposes other than anticipated when it was created, not fixed in the law “On transfer to religious organizations of property of religious appointment” as the reason for the loss of such status.

The Agency refused the ROC in the transfer of the building, explaining that the disputed object is a “modern” non-residential five-storey building to the year 1939. However, the courts of first and second instance of the Arbitration court of Moscow has satisfied the claim, recognising the decision of Rosimushchestvo illegal.