Peskov told about the stay of Putin in the Siberian taiga

Peskov told about the stay of Putin in the Siberian taiga

Moscow. March 2. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently in the Siberian taiga, to work in Moscow will begin on Friday, reported the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“The President will be in Moscow tomorrow morning. Upon completion of the work program in Krasnoyarsk (where on Wednesday Vladimir Putin got acquainted with preparations for the world winter Universiade of 2019 — if) he decided to spend one day in Siberia, in the Krasnoyarsk region,” — said Peskov reporters.

According to the press Secretary of the President, “Putin is now in the forest, he spent the night there last night and spend the night that night.”

Tomorrow morning, Putin will return to Moscow, where he (continue) routine work schedule.Dmitry Peskov

At the request of journalists to tell the conditions in which rests the President, Peskov said: “the camp”.

Putin has repeatedly spent several days in the remote corners of Siberia. In 2014 he took the day off to celebrate in the forest his birthday. Then the place, where the rest of the President was located approximately 300-400 km from the nearest settlement. As told then the Sands, resting “not in a fixed residential environment.”

Before that, in 2013, Putin vacationing in Tuva and Khakasia with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.