Pamfilova told about the prospects of voting without absentee ballots

Ella Pamfilova

The Central election Commission jointly with the state Duma and the Federation Council is working to create a system of voting without absentee ballots, said the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova. Her words leads TASS on Wednesday, March 1.

“Based on current resources — financial, temporal and technical — we try to find the best option that would be better than what we have now. To the citizen of the Russian Federation could no matter where he is, to have maximum access to the site and vote,” she said.

Pamfilova said that at present, the CEC conducts the “heaviest work” in this direction.

On 27 February, the CEC at a meeting of the Council of chairmen of regional election committees stated the need to ensure the electoral rights of citizens who for any reasons cannot vote at the place of registration. She stressed that facilitating access to voting is one of the most important factors increasing turnout. A source in the presidential administration also reported that the Kremlin is considering a vote without the absentee as one of the key ways of attracting voters to polling stations.

In November of last year deputies from the LDPR faction in the Duma introduced a bill to abolish early voting on elections of all levels. In addition, MPs offered to give up voting with absentee ballots and outside voting stations.