Pamfilova relied on punishment for officials for violations during the elections


RIA Novosti

The CEC Chairwoman Ella Pamfilova expressed hope that senior officials responsible for election violations, will incur the appropriate penalty. It is reported by TASS, on Wednesday, March 1.

According to her, the CEC will undertake all necessary efforts “in this direction”.

Pamfilova also stressed that the control of the campaign lies primarily on the heads of subjects of Federation. “And if elections are held this way, as in Dagestan, and Dagestan — almost the most problematic region, we evaluate the quality of elections conducted at the lowest level, that is the responsibility of the head of the Republic in full measure,” she said.

According to RIA Novosti, 16 February the delegation of the CEC of Russia headed by the Chairman of the Commission held a meeting in Dagestan. Currently, work is under way to reformat the system of election commissions of the Republic, conducted inspections of more than 100 heads of polling station commissions improperly organized campaign.

November 23, Deputy head of the CEC of Russia Nikolai Bulaev reported that the audit of irregularities in the last elections on September 18, fired 21 the Chairman of the precinct electoral commissions in Daghestan.

In late October, Pamfilova said that the residents of the Republic complain to the Commission of threats by local officials, unhappy with the outcome of the election. This situation of persecution of people for political reasons — not been in any other region, she said.