Karelian parents hired a chop to register children in the first grade

In Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia, the girl’s mother, who failed to record his daughter in the first grade of prestigious schools, local No. 48 filed a lawsuit for cancellation of results of recruitment of students for the 2017-2018 year. The woman was unable to get to campus due to the fact that on the day of receipt of applications, a group of parents hired employees of a private security company that blocked the passage to the school, RIA Novosti reported.

As reported on the website of the Petrozavodsk city court, employees of the security company missed the first on campus of persons who allegedly took the turn to social networks, ignoring “living place” among the parents who came on the day of admission. It is noted that the claim will be considered on March 14.

3 Dec 2016 Petrozavodsk city edition stolicaonego.ru reported similar practices among parents send their children to other schools. Parents send their children to the Lyceum №1, chipped in 50 rubles and hired a security company “Rus ‘” to avoid the stampede and to prevent the recording of some of those who are not mentioned in advance pointed out the website.

Similar excitement about the record in schools is observed in other cities of Russia, in particular in Krasnoyarsk. 1 Feb Krasnoyarsk parents arranged a night shift that morning to enrol children in the first grade of school # 144, and the space they occupied from five in the evening January 31, the newspaper notes Newslab.ru.