In this picture there is no red color. But you will definitely see

In this picture there is no red color. But you will definitely see

Professor of psychology University Ritsumeikan (Kyoto) Akiyoshi Kitaoka published a optical illusion with strawberries.

For the observer strawberry, as expected, appears red. But in fact, in the pictures there are no red pixels.

This picture has NO red pixels. Great demo of color constancy (ht Akiyoshi Kitaoka)

— Matt Lieberman (@social_brains) 27 Feb 2017

For those who don’t believe, here’s the proof: the right side shows the “red” color on the image.

@social_brains I isolated a few of the colors that appear most “red” in the strawberries and put them on the white background to the right.

— Carson Mell (@carsonmell) February 28, 2017.

The photo with the strawberries came exactly two years after the dresses, which some people seemed to be white gold and the other black and blue. The basis of such illusions is one and the same property of the brain.

The fact that lighting conditions strongly distort the colors of the object that we are looking at. However, our brains have learned to “compensate” these distortions, we therefore see a red strawberry under any circumstances.

It’s the same picture Kitaki — brain “adjusted” colors, removing blue shades.

Photos with the dress it was not clear under what lighting it was taken, so different people have “corrected” colors differently. In the case of strawberries helps us greatly its presence in the frame — we know that strawberries are red.