Media reported about the detention of the wife of Fillon

Media reported about the detention of the wife of Fillon PARIS, Mar 1 — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. The wife of the former Prime Minister of France, presidential candidate of the country Francois Fillon and Penelope arrested, being searched, wrote in his account on the micro-blogging network Twitter employee publication Mediapart Ellen Salvi. “Information Mediapart: Penelope Fillon in custody is searched. A source close to the party “the Republicans,” wrote the journalist. Later her record was shared and the account of the edition. Info @mediapart : Penelope #Fillon est en garde à vue. Perquisition en cours. Source proche LR. (cc @michel_delean) — Ellen Salvi (@ellensalvi) March 1, 2017 Earlier on Wednesday it became known that forensic investigators called the Fillon for questioning in the case of the employment of his wife. Some time before this reported emergency cancellation of the planned Wednesday visit of Fillon at the famous Paris agricultural

In the state Duma vowed not to change the calendar of Russian holidays

In the state Duma vowed not to change the calendar of Russian holidays Moscow. March 1. INTERFAX.RU — the state Duma has no plans to change the calendar of Russian holidays, despite regular initiatives by individual members, said the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in legislative activities Andrei Isayev. “We believe that it makes no sense. Here is a calendar, it has been at some time of the audit, as a little to another state passed all, let’s dwell on this and some time to touch it will not. We will not touch,” — Isayev said to journalists during the working visit in Udmurtia on Wednesday. He recalled that in 2000 years the calendar of holidays was introduced the Day of people’s unity as “the attempt to make November 7 a day of national reconciliation and consensus had failed”, a holiday established June 12, and resolved the

Japan is going to launch Charter flights to the Kuril Islands

Japan is going to launch Charter flights to the Kuril Islands The government of Japan will launch Charter flights between the Northern island of Hokkaido and the southern Kuril Islands on the eve of the visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Russia. It is reported by the Japanese newspaper “Yomiuri”. Former inhabitants of the Kuril Islands come to the Islands to visit the graves of their ancestors. They can visit the southern Kuril Islands without a visa on a special ship. The Japanese government plans to expand visa-free visit to the Islands. One of the options the possibility of air travel between the airport and Nakashibetsu near the city of Nemuro in Hokkaido and airports of Kunashir and Iturup — Mendeleevo and Clear. Earlier it was reported that Japan is considering the date of the visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Russia. It is expected that the visit

The Taliban staged a double bombing in Kabul

Militants movement “Taliban” staged a double bombing in the Afghan capital. On Wednesday, March 1, according to Reuters. First, extremists attacked the headquarters of the Afghan intelligence in the Eastern outskirts of Kabul in the building managed to penetrate two people. One of them blew himself up, the second shot by the guards. Then was attacked the district police office in the Western part of the city: there also was an explosion, followed by gunfire between the militants and the guards. As indicated earlier, nearby military school, so it is unclear what the object was trying to attack the Taliban. While it is known one of the victims in the terrorist attack at the building intelligence and 35 wounded in the battle at the police Department. Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in Russia, the Taliban. February 7 suicide bomber outside the Supreme court in Kabul, killing 20 people. Then

Fillon announced the continuation of the presidential campaign

Francois Fillon The candidate in presidents of France from the party the Republicans Francois Fillon has decided to continue the struggle for the presidency, despite the investigation into the fraudulent employment of his wife. It is reported BFMTV. Fillon called the expanded campaign against him an attempt to “political assassination”, not only him as a candidate, but the presidential election in General. “My desire to benefit [the country] is much stronger than the charges against me”, — quotes the policy statement to Le Figaro. At the same time, Fillon confirmed that he had received the agenda on March 15 at the court, where he can be charged. The case against the politician and his wife Penelope had started financial news on February 24. The investigation concerns embezzlement of public funds, misuse of public property, complicity and concealment of these crimes, trading in influence and concealment this information from the authorities.

Turkey is thinking about banning flights of American planes from the base in Incirlik

Incirlik Air Base Turkish authorities are considering the possibility of a ban on the use of us planes in Incirlik airbase. It is reported Yeni Safak. This step of Ankara might go in the case that the United States will continue to support Kurdish forces in battle for Syrian city of raqqa fighters from the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). At the same time, Ankara has nothing against the participation in this operation, the free Syrian army (FSA) supported by Turkey, says the publication. February 28, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara can take part in the operation to liberate the Syrian city of raqqa in the case that agreement has been reached with Russia and the US-led international coalition. “We will no longer indifferent observers, which remained for a long time,” — said Erdogan, noting the desire of Ankara to liberate Raqqa from

Kravchuk explained why Ukraine has lost Crimea

In 2014, Ukraine would lose Crimea because of anarchy in the country, this opinion was expressed by the first President of independent Leonid Kravchuk.   In an interview with channel 112, the former President stated that because of weaknesses “in the center and in the field, and in the Crimea, especially to protect the Crimea was impossible.”   Kravchuk also expressed his confidence that if he at that time would have been in power, of course, would not allow development.   Crimea reunited with Russia after the region in March 2014, a referendum was held. On it for entry into the Russian Federation voted 96,77% of inhabitants of the Republic.   Photo: Daniel Van Moll / Globallookpress

Kiev will receive new tranche from the IMF

Ukraine signed the Memorandum with the International monetary Fund (IMF) for financial assistance. This means that Ukraine will get new IMF tranche in the amount of $1 billion, reports Reuters citing a source as the national Bank of the country.   “Ukraine signed a revised Memorandum of cooperation”, — stated in the message.   The provision of a new tranche depends on the adoption of the budget in 2017, which will be strictly agreed with the IMF and reform of the banking sector.   Kyiv expects to receive from IMF of $17.5 billion financial aid in total. To do this, Ukraine will go to the new reforms. Photo: Christian Hütter / Globallookpress

ISIS needs a man like trump is a terrorist

Canadian political scientist ambarnath to Amarasingham from the University of Waterloo surveyed foreign militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (banned in Russia), who decided to return home, and found out that most of the terrorists are impressed by the straightforwardness of the new President of the United States. The results of their survey, the analyst published in the American journal of Politico.   “I think he (trump) suits us. We need a man like him. The same straightforward”, – quotes the words Amarasingham militants IG from Canada.   “Usually the policy duplicitous, and, unfortunately, it is often captivating. At the same time, trump lays out all as on spirit,” said the analyst action group “Hayat Tahrir Al sham”, associated with banned in several countries, including in Russia, the terrorist group “al-Qaeda”.   The author also notes that unlike Barack Obama and George Bush, the position of the trump in

Pamfilova relied on punishment for officials for violations during the elections

Ella Pamfilova The CEC Chairwoman Ella Pamfilova expressed hope that senior officials responsible for election violations, will incur the appropriate penalty. It is reported by TASS, on Wednesday, March 1. According to her, the CEC will undertake all necessary efforts “in this direction”. Pamfilova also stressed that the control of the campaign lies primarily on the heads of subjects of Federation. “And if elections are held this way, as in Dagestan, and Dagestan — almost the most problematic region, we evaluate the quality of elections conducted at the lowest level, that is the responsibility of the head of the Republic in full measure,” she said. According to RIA Novosti, 16 February the delegation of the CEC of Russia headed by the Chairman of the Commission held a meeting in Dagestan. Currently, work is under way to reformat the system of election commissions of the Republic, conducted inspections of more than