The US is interested in the existence of ISIL – expert

In the US there are people who are interested in the existence of a banned terrorist group “Islamic state”. This was stated by political observer Ruslan Ostashko in the program “conspiracy Theory” on TV channel “Star”. According to experts, it is linked to this failure of the international coalition led by Washington against ISIS and, on the contrary, the success of Russia.   “There is in the United States, people with a vested interest in the existence of ISIS, earn a lot of money. Accordingly, to destroy the terrorists, their money, their bombs do not really want. Well, we have to separate certain. For us the terrorists are all the same”, – said Mr. Ostashko.   When Russian troops entered Syria in September 2015, NATO military maliciously waited that Russia will receive a permanent loss and a drawn-out, exhausting war, then as the success of the Russian cause in the

ROC has denied the rumors about the luxurious life of Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill Talk about the fact that the Patriarch is living in luxury, unfounded. This was announced by the head of the Synodal Department for relations between the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) with the society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda in his interview to RTVi. “He doesn’t have a luxurious lifestyle. Him inhuman and inhumane load graph” — said Legoyda. According to him, the standard of living of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church “is far from level even a very rich man.” Legoyda added that close to the Patriarch for eight years and does not understand how that withstands high loads. The head of the Synodal Department said that Cyril even no personal time. “I have in this situation is to say that we had him on “Lada Kalina” ride or the tram? I have all these conversations seem empty,” he concluded. A few years ago, the media published

In case of fire in a Moscow shelter for homeless animals killed 13 dogs

The shelter for homeless animals in the North-East of Moscow there was a fire, which killed 13 dogs. About it “” on Wednesday, March 1, said a source in law enforcement bodies. It is noted that the fire occurred in the premises owned by OOO “True friends”. “At the time of the fire, the building housed over 40 dogs and 60 cats locked in cages. After the liquidation of the fire was discovered dead 13 dogs. Other animals alive, but partly scattered,” — said the source. In the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of emergency situations said that the message about the fire single storey wooden building opposite the house is 62 at the Agricultural street received 15:25 GMT. “The fire was extinguished at 15:47, people has not suffered”, — said the representative of management. It is noted that the area of the fire was 20 square meters. Earlier in

At the construction site in Kaliningrad found a mass grave during the Second world war

A mass grave from the Second world war, discovered during the construction of a residential building in Kaliningrad. About it reports on Wednesday, March 1, “Interfax” with reference to the representative of the municipal enterprise “Alta” Ruslan Khisamova. During the excavation, the builders discovered the remains of more than 50 people, including the skeleton of a Wehrmacht officer. “Some bones found fragments of shells, bullets and medical tourniquets. We can say that these people were killed during the storming of Koenigsberg (former name of Kaliningrad — approx. “Of the”) in the spring of 1945,” Khisamov said. All found the remains reburied in the municipal cemetery in accordance with local legislation, and the bones of the officer will be buried in the cemetery of the German military, said the representative of “Violas”. Construction will continue as usual. In 2008, in North Ossetia during the work on the extension of the

Submarine”stealth”: what is known about the new Russian bomber

© PJSC “Tupolev” March 1, TASS source in the military-industrial complex said that Russia has created a full-scale model of promising aviation complex Distant aviation (PAK DA). This plane is designed for Air and space forces of the Russian Federation in the company “Tupolev”. It is expected that its first prototype will take to the air at the turn of the 2025-2026 years. Initially it was assumed that the aircraft will begin to enter the army in 2023-2025 years, and the first test flight was scheduled for 2019-2020.

Neuroscientists have explained the desire to repost

Neuroscientists have explained the desire to repost Neuroscientists from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States explained how the human brain decides whether or not to share information. The article was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Information exchange on the Internet plays an important role in modern society, determining how to spread news and ideas, as well as the impact they will have on readers. Every day I write about four billion messages in Facebook, 500 million tweets and 200 billion e-mail messages that emphasizes the importance of these channels of communication. Meanwhile, not all the information the users share the same readily: while some messages become “viral”, the others don’t get the popularity. While to date, almost no research program from the point of view of psychology and neurobiology to predict the likelihood that people will share particular information. The authors of

Adviser to trump explained why with feet climbed on the couch in the White house

Adviser to trump explained why with feet climbed on the couch in the White house MOSCOW, 1 Mar — RIA Novosti. Advisor to the President of the United States, Kellyann Conway explained why with his legs climbed up on the sofa in the oval office of the White house, writes the Washington Post. Earlier media reports drew attention to a photo from a formal event, which was attended by the American President Donald trump. In the picture Conway sits on the sofa, having picked up under itself the feet. Some critics accused her of contempt of authority. Conway said that she was asked “to take a photo in a crowded room with the press, which stood behind” “I was asked to take a picture at a certain angle, and I did just that. I’m definitely not trying to sound disrespectful, I didn’t want my legs was on the couch” —

If the tiger knocked on the door suddenly

If the tiger knocked on the door suddenly Recently in the media there have been increasing reports about the appearance of tigers in human settlements of the Far East, and social networks are full of photos and videos depicting predators living close to humans. Understand, why is this happening and how to behave when meeting with a wild animal. Tiger: instruction on self-defense Fortunately, the occurrence of “man-eating tigers” rather local folklore. The striped predator is dangerous, but careful. Attacks on humans are very rare and in most cases triggered by the victims And yet again the tigers came from settlements, we could not ask Rangers, local residents and professionals on security measures. Our interlocutors were unanimous: if a tiger attacks an unarmed man to survive, the latter is unlikely to succeed. The rare lucky ones escaped due to luck or fantastic exposure, for example, fell to the ground and

The Deputy foreign Minister Gatilov discussed with the President of the ICRC, the situation in Syria

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian Deputy foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov and President of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) Peter Maurer discussed the situation in Syria and Ukraine, said Monday the Russian foreign Ministry. The meeting was held in Geneva on 27 February. “The parties discussed the issues of strengthening cooperation between Russia and the ICRC called for further development of the dialogue. Special attention was paid to the situation in Syria and the Ukraine, with an emphasis on respect for international humanitarian law”, — stated in the message following the meeting. The foreign Ministry noted that the meeting, held in the framework of maintaining regular contacts between the leaders of the Russian foreign Ministry with representatives of the ICRC “confirmed the high level of cooperation between Russia and the Committee for humanitarian issues”.

The chair fell to the colony the mayor of Yaroslavl will be six candidates

Photo: Kommersant To participate in competition on a post of the mayor of Yaroslavl admitted six candidates. On Monday, February 27, according to the regional online edition Not passed the selection of two candidates, the documents which revealed the inconsistencies in the information about income Builder Andrew Varin and municipal official Oleg Melnikov. “Little troubles were many, but two candidates not allowed to vote, the violations were very rude. It is undeclared the vehicle, inaccurate declared income and information on the availability of funds in the accounts,” — said the head of the Commission of Yaroslavl for self-government, legality and the rule of law Oleg Danilin. Among eligible candidates — the acting head of Yaroslavl Vladimir Sleptsov and a former Deputy mayor Dmitry Donskov (was the defendant in the case, which condemned the ex-mayor Yevgeny Urlashov — approx. “Of the”). The deputies of the city Council will choose