Iranian TV to retouch the body of Charlize Theron

Iranian TV to retouch the body of Charlize Theron

The state media of Iran broadcasting 89-th ceremony of delivery of film awards “Oscar”, was painted over areas of the body South African film star Charlize Theron, who came to announce the winner in the category “Best foreign language film”.

The award was given to Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi for the film “the Salesman”, but 44-year-old Director along with the lead RAM Alidousti boycotted the awards in protest against the policies of Donald trump’s restriction on the entry of immigrants from seven countries, including Iran.

Thus, contrary to the previously widespread rumors that the ban touched personally Farhadi, the Director announced that he had received a visa.

Shortly after taking office, trump has temporarily banned entry to the United States citizens of seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. This led to the cancellation of 100 thousand visas, but later a Federal court in Seattle has suspended the decree at the time of consideration of the complaint to the document.

One of the victims of the tightening of immigration policy became the operator of the Syrian Khaled Khatib, who flew to Los Angeles from Istanbul, however, he was denied entry into the United States after the Turkish authorities found it suspicious documents.

In the result the award is Farhadi and Alidousti received the engineer Anush Ansari, whose outfit also turned out to be too immodest for the Iranian censors: they “washed away” a strip of open skin on the woman’s body in the fragment of the broadcast, where she delivers a winning speech.

Charlize Theron announced the nomination along with actress Shirley MacLaine. The outfit McLane Iranian censors did not bother anything.

The world’s attention to “flying” with Theron retouching exposed areas of her body drew masih Alinejad — activist, opposes the Iranian law requiring girls to cover my body since I was seven.

“Women of all religious beliefs can be carved and arrested in Iran just for not wearing “proper hijab” said the activist in an interview with the New York Times, urging human rights activists from all ends of the Earth “loud and clear” to condemn the policy of Iran regarding women’s dress code.

In the Oscar-winning Iranian tape we are talking about a school teacher who tries to take revenge, attacked his wife in the family home.

In addition to the “traveling Salesman” for the best foreign language film is also nominated for the Danish military belt “My land”, Swedish existential Comedy “the Second life of Uwe”, the Australian drama about the indigenous inhabitants of the “Tanna” and the German grotesque drama “Toni Erdmann”.