Fillon mentioned the need for the lifting of sanctions against Russia

Francois Fillon

The candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon had mentioned in his programme to tackle problems of agriculture the necessity of lifting the sanctions against Russia. The relevant communiqué published on the website of the campaign policy.

Fillon took in his headquarters representatives of the farmers, discussing the problems of the agricultural sector and their solutions.

As one of the measures which should, according to policy, to take in this area, it says “the request of France on the lifting of sanctions against Russia, depleting the French and European farmers.”

Earlier, Fillon said that Russia is a vast country that can not be “taken lightly”. “This is a country without democratic traditions, which has nuclear weapons. You have two options: either we are trying to reach agreement with Russia, or we who oppose it. Who might want a conflict with Russia?” he said.

The presidential candidate expressed confidence that sanctions cannot “bend the Russian people.”

Election of the President of France will be held in two rounds — on April 23 and may 7. The most likely contenders for the presidency are considered to be françois Fillon, the candidate of the centrist movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron, and the leader of the far-right party “national front” marine Le Pen.

Sanctions against Russia were imposed by the EU, USA and other Western countries after the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the outbreak of hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine in 2014. Russia in response banned the import of certain products from countries that have adhered to the restrictions. Contractee caused the dissatisfaction of the European agricultural sector.