Facebook banned advertising picture of “Women lovers”

Facebook banned advertising picture of “Women lovers”

Facebook has banned an Australian auction house Mossgreen advertising picture with two naked women. In the social network felt that it was advertising “products and services for adults.”

Facebook has banned an Australian auction house Mossgreen advertising picture with two naked women.

Under the ban by the publications of the page in the social network got a painting by Australian artist Charles Blackman “Women lovers”, which depicts two women lying naked on the bed together with the cat.

Facebook decided that this picture is “advertising products and services for adult” and banned the auction house to advertise it.

Artist Charles Blackman 88 years. Last year his painting “chess Game” was sold for almost 1.4 million dollars.

The head of Mossgreen, Paul Sumner said that the decision of a social network is ridiculous.

“This is a very beautiful painting, which in any form is not overly sexual,” said summer Bi-bi-si.

Facebook has forbidden a Melbourne auction house from advertising a Charles Blackman painting double nude #art https://t.co/RWAvMS0wYT pic.twitter.com/jUbXeSFvHy

— Alasdair Macintyre (@aecap) March 1, 2017

Facebook said that the decision is final. This is, according to the company, causes a negative reaction from users. “We have zero tolerance for such is”, — assured in a social network.

Summer said that the auction house is going to get for the sale of the paintings about 34 thousand dollars. The auction will take place next week.

“No one said a single word until Facebook suddenly decided that it might offend someone,” said the auctioneer. According to him, his daughters, the teenagers just laughed when he showed them the picture and explained why it was blocked.

In 2011, a teacher in France was filed on Facebook to court due to the fact that the social network has blocked his account. Facebook were unhappy with the reference to the painting by French artist Gustave Courbet, which was depicted a naked woman. The painting itself is exhibited in the musée D’orsay in Paris.

In September last year the social network was criticized for deleting pictures of the girl fleeing the Napalm bombing bombs in Saigon during the Vietnam war. The reason was that the girl in the picture was without clothes. The picture served as an illustration to the post of a journalist about the iconic images of war. The post was deleted and his account locked.

Then the administration of the social network reversed that decision, stating the historical value of this photo.