Debt: implications for the Russian Federation Amnesty International’s report does not reflect the real situation


RIA Novosti

The findings of the latest report of Amnesty International on the situation in Russia are strained and do not reflect the real situation. This was stated by TASS Commissioner of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov, answering the question about how true the part of the report devoted to Russia.

“The report of Amnesty International concerning Russia, of course, any surprises will not be,” – said the diplomat. According to him, all the topics covered in the document are well known. “I must say that assessment for the most part are of a tense nature, a number of parameters, of course, they do not reflect the real situation, and in fact already lagging behind events,” he said.

Dolgov also reminded that in a number of areas and issues addressed in the report, “there is a normal systematic work to improve both legislation and practice in full conformity with the Russian Constitution and international obligations of the Russian Federation”. “All this is done to reflect the real challenges ahead, he said. – This work, of course, does not depend on any experts of Amnesty International, who also, once again, in many respects, are biased, or just lagging from the real course of events.”

Previously, non-governmental organization Amnesty International has again criticized the situation with human rights in Russia. In the published annual report analysing the human rights situation in 159 countries around the world NGOs mentioned amendments to the antiterrorist legislation of the Russian Federation, which, in its opinion, are contrary to international law, said the increased restrictions of freedom of expression, fines against human rights defenders, harassment of NGOs, violations in the North Caucasus.