Trump accused Obama of leaks

Trump accused Obama of leaks

For leaks to the media, discrediting the White house, is a former President of the United States Barack Obama and his entourage. This opinion is the current head of state Donald trump said in an interview with Fox News, excerpts of which were published on Monday, January 27.

“I think Obama is behind this [the leaks], because his men are definitely behind this. Some of the leaks probably came from this group,” said trump.

The President called leaks are serious because they affect the national security of the United States. At the same time, he did not explain what it meant, but admitted that such leaks will continue because “it’s policy”.

Earlier on February 27, CNN reported, citing its sources, that trump was allowed to check cell phones of employees of the White house, to make sure that they did not communicate with journalists. White house spokesman Sean Spicer denied this information.

9 February it became known that the administration trump is investigating the leak of information about his phone calls with foreign leaders. The President, according to Spicer, was concerned about the situation.

Earlier media have repeatedly leaked details of telephone calls trump with the leaders of other countries. So, on 9 February, Reuters reported that during the conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the White house criticized the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3), calling it a bad deal for the United States.