The Times: “Putin will not go to early elections”

The Times: “Putin will not go to early elections”

British newspaper the Times believes that unearthed the true reason that the presidential elections in Russia will be held in the statutory period, and not before.

“Putin will have to carry out unpopular reforms. And to go to them, he first purposed to establish in his post, shares his thoughts with the readers correspondent Tom Parfitt. The leader of the Russian Federation does not consider that there should be early presidential elections to accelerate the transition to reforms, in his opinion, early elections can be interpreted by the opposition and the people as a sign of weakness and hesitation of the President in their forces.”

“Just calculated leaks from the Kremlin to press administration officials have hinted that early elections cannot be and speeches, and at the same time and dispelled speculation that 64-year-old Putin is ready to retire, continues Mr. Parfitt. On the contrary, the current master of the Kremlin is counting on a landslide victory, which should outshine even his resounding success in 2004.”

The author failed from Times to dig up another carefully hiding a Moscow pre-election ploy.

“This time the authorities decided not to create artificial shapes of the opposing candidates like billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who was nominated once. How do they plan to make elections interesting — is unclear, as the only real alternative to Putin, the charismatic 40-year-old politician Alexei Navalny excluded from the process questionable verdict in the case of fraud”.