The St. Petersburg electoral Commission has received a request to hold a referendum on the fate of Isaac

In city election Committee of St.-Petersburg has received the application for holding a referendum about membership of St. Isaac’s and Peter and Paul cathedrals of Savior on spilled blood, reports “Interfax”.

The address was passed by an initiative group consisting of 22 people, among them deputies of the legislative Assembly from the “Yabloko”, “Fair Russia” and the “party of growth”, the representatives of the St. Petersburg Union of scientists, the Russian Union of culture workers and local activists.

The residents of St. Petersburg were asked to respond whether they agree, are monuments of history and culture of cathedrals needs to be assigned to state museums, with the possibility of conducting religious rites and ceremonies.

The application was registered in the office of the municipal electoral Committee within 15 days the Commission must check for compliance with the law. If the necessary requirements are met, the application will give to the legislative Assembly, which decides on registration of the initiative group.

In January, the St. Petersburg authorities have agreed to transfer the St. Isaac Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church for free use for 49 years. Governor Georgy Poltavchenko promised to keep the Museum function of the building, however this decision caused the discontent of the citizens. For the first time the St. Petersburg diocese has requested the transfer of Isaac in 2015, but then they refused.