The driver of “Gazelle” crashed into the jeep Karachentsov, told about the accident

The driver of the car “Gazel” collided in the suburbs with the SUV, which was the actor Nikolai Karachentsov, said in an interview with TV channel “Zvezda” about how the accident occurred. According to the man, he allegedly did not violate the rules and until the last moment have not seen the white jeep.


“There was nobody back then, when I turned, he was there,” explained the driver of “Gazelle”.


According to preliminary data, the man who drove the van, and was responsible for the accident. According to the overall picture of the accident, two cars were moving in the direction of Moscow in the same row. At some point, the SUV went on overtaking, while “Gazelle” was to turn left. A chance to avoid the collision, no one was gone.


The car, the passenger of which was Nikolai Karachentsov, was managed by his wife. Also in the cabin was their relative, and a nurse – all together was returning from holiday vacation. In the accident hospitalized the actor. The rest of the medical aid refused. Actor’s wife reported that her husband at the Institute Sklifosovsky. Official comment on his condition yet.