Crimean deputies proposed to establish an international award named Churkin

Stepan Kiskin The Deputy of the Simferopol city Council Stepan Kiskin (Communist party) proposed the establishment of an international prize named after Vitaly Churkin, who held the position of permanent representative of Russia to the UN. A copy of the open letter addressed to the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov and the leadership of the Crimea, he posted on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, February 28. In his letter, Keskin stressed the merits of a diplomat’s fight for “the truth about the Russian Crimea”. “I think that the name of such an active patriot should be immortalized. I propose to award the prize each year February 20 — the day of memory of the outstanding Russian diplomat,” reads the text. The MP offers prize to reward the citizens of the Russian Federation and other States, Russian diplomats, politicians and public figures for defending the interests of the Peninsula

Penza, the Ombudsman stood up for bygone a 10-day bout parents

Elena Stolyarova The children’s Ombudsman in the Penza region Elena Stolyarova spoke out against the parental rights of the residents of Issinsky district, whose children were compelled to drink melted water, while parents were drunk. On Tuesday, February 28, reported on the website of the Commissioner. The Ombudsman considers that the deprivation of parental rights is not an effective measure of protecting children and want to help a couple get out of this situation. “Today, parents are coded employed to work in a private company in Penza, children are under temporary guardianship of the relative of the husband living also in Penza,” — stated in the message. On 27 February the Prosecutor’s office of the Penza region has directed to court claims about deprivation of the parental rights in respect of the three minor children. As noted on the Ministry website, parents for a 10-day new year holidays were in

In Thailand, two young Russians were in intensive care after an accident

In Thailand, two young Russians were in intensive care after an accident BANGKOK, 28 February. /Offset. TASS Alex Skowronski/. Two young Russians at the age of 14 and 16 years was in intensive care after the accident in the resort of Pattaya. TASS on Tuesday said the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Thailand. The accident occurred on February 23. Teenagers — brother and sister — traveling by scooter at the intersection when they were hit by a bus. The Russians suffered serious injuries, including head. In a coma they are in the local hospital where doctors are fighting for their lives. “We asked one of the parents about the necessity of evacuation to Russia, but it is not required. Family for a long time living in Thailand, so the treatment will continue here,” — said the head of the consular Department Vladimir Sosnov. In social networks already started

The cause of the error in presenting the “Oscar” was the human factor

The cause of the error in presenting the “Oscar” was the human factor NEW YORK, February 28. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. The reason that the 89-th ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” Sunday first wrong was declared the winning picture, was the mistake made by the staff of the auditing and consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). 14фотографий14фотографий14фотографий This was stated by one of the leaders of its U.S. division Tim Ryan in an interview with journalists of the newspaper USA Today published on Monday. “Ultimately we made a mistake caused by human factor,” he said. “Our partner, who was standing on the left side of the stage, Brian Cullinan gave the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty. As soon as we realized it was a mistake we corrected it, by notifying the appropriate individuals,” added Ryan. PricewaterhouseCoopers 1934 entrusted with the mailing of ballots and counting of votes of the Academy, deciding

Trump: the confusion on the Oscars happened because of the obsession with politics

Trump: the confusion on the Oscars happened because of the obsession with politics WASHINGTON, Feb 28 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The President of the United States Donald trump commented on the confusion at the award ceremony “Oscar” the American film Institute, saying that the main prize of the evening is messed up due to excessive obsession with politics. 15фотографий15фотографий15фотографий “I think they focused so much on politics that are unable to get together at the end. It was a little sad. Lost all the glamour of the Oscars. Can’t say that it was a really brilliant evening. I was at the “Oscars”. (This time) was missing something special, and this ending was sad,” said trump in an interview with the network edition of Breitbart News. Trump criticized from the stage during the presentation of awards, although this criticism was not the main theme of the ceremony. Trump almost all

SpaceX will launch two space tourists on a flight around the moon in 2018

SpaceX will launch two space tourists on a flight around the moon in 2018 WASHINGTON, Feb 28 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. American space company SpaceX plans to launch two tourists on a flight around the moon in 2018, according to a press release from the company. “We are pleased to announce that two private citizens held talks with SpaceX on the journey around the moon by the end of next year. They have made a considerable advance in order to fly to the moon”, — said in a release. According to the company, there are others interested in such flights. SpaceX thanked the us space Agency NASA for funding, which allowed us to create spacecraft Dragon 2 — that will be used in tandem with a heavy carrier rocket Falcon. This rocket gives two-thirds of the thrust of heavy rocket Saturn V, which was used by NASA to send

Pushkov called a bag of smoke rumors about trump’s ties with Russia

Pushkov called a bag of smoke rumors about trump’s ties with Russia MOSCOW, 28 Feb — RIA Novosti. Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov called the “bag of smoke” and “poisonous fog” rumors about the relationship of US President Donald trump with Russia. Earlier, unnamed us officials told the New York Times that the members of the presidential campaign, trump repeatedly was in contact with senior officials of Russian intelligence in 2016 before the elections in the United States. The Russian foreign Ministry called the media publications another indication that the US are the major domestic political games and bargaining. In the Kremlin, in turn, stressed that such reports are not based on facts. “The whole campaign against trump over the non-existent “ties to Russia” — nothing and a bag of smoke. Instead of facts, deliberately injected poison fog”, — wrote Pushkov in his microblog on Twitter.

SBU interrogated Savchenko’s visit to the DNR

SBU interrogated Savchenko’s visit to the DNR The security service of Ukraine questioned the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the Hero of Ukraine Hope Savchenko in connection with her visit to the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND). This was announced on air of the Ukrainian “channel 5” adviser to the head of the SBU Yuriy Tandit. “In the framework of criminal proceedings under article “terrorism” were questioned including Hope Savchenko… It is not empowered on behalf of Ukraine to negotiate with terrorists (as in Kiev called militias — approx. “Of the”), she does a lot of PR,” — said of the Tandem. Adviser to the head of the SBU expressed confidence that Savchenko “manipulated by Russian intelligence”. “We saw how many there were Russian media as prepared for this trip and how it is presented. In fact, it is a blow to all of us”, he added. 26 February

The Baltic offered to do Russian

The Baltic offered to do Russian The authorities of Baltic States should strengthen cooperation with Russian citizens, guaranteeing them the respect of all political and civil rights, as well as to establish a more effective dissemination of information in the Russian language. Such recommendations are contained in the report of the authoritative American research center RAND Corporation “Hybrid war in the Baltic States. Risk and potential responses.” The paper argues that although Moscow is not easy to provoke in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, large-scale protests or form influential separatist movements, all this can not be excluded. In the state Duma a report called “another sign of anti-Russian hysteria”, while the Russian experts are assured that Moscow is not interested in the attack on the Baltic States. A report issued by the RAND Corporation was commissioned by the air force of the United States. In the beginning of the document explains

Aksenov: in Crimea, the number of supporters of reunification with Russia in three years has increased

Sergey Aksenov © Cyril Kuhmar/host photo Agency TASS SOCHI, February 28. /TASS/. The number of Crimeans support reunification of the Crimea with Russia, over three years increased. This opinion in an interview with TASS in the Russian investment forum in Sochi was expressed by the head of the region Sergey Aksenov, asked about how many of the residents would vote for reunification with Russia if a referendum were held now.