McCain called the planned increase in the military budget of the United States is insufficient

McCain called the planned increase in the military budget of the United States is insufficient Moscow. 27 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — increase the defense budget of the United States in the amount proposed by the President, is not enough: the military needs more funds to ensure national security, said Monday the head of the U.S. Senate Committee on armed services John McCain. “The white house announced that the President intends to request a military budget of $603 billion thus, the budget will increase by $18.5 billion compared to the level proposed by President Obama for the 2018 fiscal year. In other words, the President trump intends to provide the defence budget, which is just three percent more of the defense budget President Obama, which left our military underfunded,” — said in a statement Monday statement, Senator. Earlier on Monday the Agency Associated Press with reference to the employee of the White

The Times: “Putin will not go to early elections”

The Times: “Putin will not go to early elections” British newspaper the Times believes that unearthed the true reason that the presidential elections in Russia will be held in the statutory period, and not before. “Putin will have to carry out unpopular reforms. And to go to them, he first purposed to establish in his post, shares his thoughts with the readers correspondent Tom Parfitt. The leader of the Russian Federation does not consider that there should be early presidential elections to accelerate the transition to reforms, in his opinion, early elections can be interpreted by the opposition and the people as a sign of weakness and hesitation of the President in their forces.” “Just calculated leaks from the Kremlin to press administration officials have hinted that early elections cannot be and speeches, and at the same time and dispelled speculation that 64-year-old Putin is ready to retire, continues Mr.

UK is thinking about restriction of the right of residence of EU citizens

Theresa May Prime Minister Theresa may intends to restrict the right of residence on the territory of the United Kingdom citizens of the European Union after the announcement of the beginning of the procedure Brexit (the country’s withdrawal from the European Union). About it reports The Independent. According to sources, the authorities are afraid that after the withdrawal from the EU the country can enter “half of the inhabitants of Bulgaria and Romania”. Reportedly, a “cutoff date” will be taken 15 March 2017. After this period, newly arrived EU citizens will lose the right of permanent residence in the UK. At the same time, about 3.6 million foreigners-holders of European passports who were already living in the country, will be able to stay in it until the end of the country’s exit from the EU. While the British authorities are counting on a “mirror response” from Brussels in relation to

South Korea will deploy a THAAD missile defense system on the Golf courses

THAAD missile defense system South Korea chose the territory Golf club in the County Seongju County as a location for high-tech anti-missile system THAAD. Company Lotte Group has agreed to provide their land for the deployment of a missile defense system. On Monday, 27 February, reports The South China Morning Post, citing sources in South Korean defense Ministry. The Golf course is located 18 kilometers North of the administrative center Congo and located at an altitude of 680 metres above sea level. THAAD was originally planned to place on the military anti-aircraft base “Seongsan”, but strongly against the decision made by the local authorities and the population. It is noted that a new location away from residential areas. South Korea plans to launch the THAAD system by the end of 2017. In July of 2016, Washington and Seoul have agreed to deploy high-tech anti-missile system, which if necessary will intercept

The US plans to increase military spending by 54 billion dollars

The US administration has planned to increase the military spending of 54 billion dollars. About it reports on Monday, February 27, Reuters. To increase the military budget planned primarily due to the reduction of international aid programs. Earlier on February 27, it was reported that funding cuts could affect U.S. state Department and the Agency for environmental protection. One of the sources of the Agency said that the proceeds will go, in particular, for the construction of warships needed for the US presence in the crucial sea lanes, including the Strait of Hormuz and the South China sea (SCS). In turn, the representative of management and budget the White house John Czwartacki (John Czwartacki) said that it is only the draft of the financial plan and yet do not give comments on specific items of expenditure. Now the document passes coordination in different departments, the final version must be submitted

MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov will finish his career at the age of 30

One of the most successful MMA fighters in history Khabib Nurmagomedov will finish career in 30 years, said the athlete’s father abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.   “Very soon Habib will need to retire. Don’t want to upset anyone, but each person has their resources, Habib was left to fight a year or two,” said the father of the athlete.   28-year-old Habib will fight March 4, with Tony Ferguson for the title of interim champion UFC Middleweight. According to Abdominal Nurmagomedov, his son needed to win a landslide victory, and then fight with Irishman Connor McGregor, and in 30 years – to retire, having defended the title 2 or 3 times.   “I need to son benefited our country and other fighters to help single combats in Russia to develop,” – said the father of the most successful Russian fighter.   Khabib Nurmagomedov for his MMA career has won 24 fights and

How a man overcame the “obstacle” in the stairwell: video

In the Internet appeared the frames of the “ascent” of the men on the second floor in the stairwell, which just blew up the Internet. In the video, a young man who obviously drank too much, trying to get into his apartment, but four minutes, he managed to overcome just one flight of stairs.   The fact that the status of men did not allow him to coordinate movement, and he fell a few times ago, but surely got up and moved on. At some point the man just fell asleep standing up, but again after a minute he regained consciousness and continued their hard journey.   “What I just saw?”, – wrote one of the users of the Network.   Another noted that this is a very “conceptualmente” way to get home. Video: Fedor Sonnoff / youtube

Rogozin: Arctic exploration to a new level

Chairman of the State Commission on development of the Arctic, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in an interview to”Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said that the current level of development of our country, meaning, and the scientific and technological aspect and, of course, the presence of highly skilled professionals, allow Russia today to make a qualitative leap – to create a new industry, comfortable to live and work in harsh Arctic conditions.   First of all, Rogozin said that now our country is the development of “green” technologies.   “For example, the foci of Arctic exploration in the past years suggests the need to develop small nuclear power, and to develop other economically viable methods of producing energy and heat from renewable sources,” he said.   As an example he hi floating nuclear power plant, which is in 2019, will become the main source of electricity supply Chaun-Bilibino power center of the Chukotka

Medvedev told about the revival of the psychology of a leader

Dmitry Medvedev Russia has all opportunities to become one of the leading technological powers in the world. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the meeting of the investment forum “Sochi-2017” on Monday, February 27, the correspondent “”. “Russia has all the components to become one of the leading technological countries of the world: intellectual capacity, resources, and most importantly, we were able recently to revive, is the psychology of a leader. A leader who has repeatedly proven he can make the best products in the world,” said the Prime Minister. He called it unacceptable that talented professionals are moving abroad, since not see prospects for career development in Russia. “Export” intelligence does not make money, make it impossible, said Medvedev. “It’s not just wasteful. This is unacceptable in relation to their own country”, — concluded the Prime Minister. In early December 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced

The mayor of Makhachkala, accused of the brutal inhabitants in the killings of stray dogs

Residents of Makhachkala more than a week to shoot stray dogs. About it the representative of the municipality of the capital of Dagestan announced on Monday, February 27, the radio station “Moscow Says”. “Animals kill people, the citizens. I do not understand why the police do nothing. Residents we have, frankly, insane. It is unambiguous that the leadership of the city will remain”, — said the press service of the city administration, adding that in the coming days, the city will open a new shelter for stray dogs. The killings started after on the outskirts of Makhachkala found the corpse of a child, who died from wounds, incompatible with life. According to preliminary data, the child died from the bites of stray dogs. In the organization of animal rights activists all over the city began to receive reports about violence against animals. “We have daily shoot animals, we find corpses