Defined by applied nature loaf of bread damage

Defined by applied nature loaf of bread damage Scientists from the University of Sheffield (UK) found global average environmental cost of a loaf of bread, or in other words, render its production impact on the surrounding environment. A study published in the journal Nature Plants. More than half of the environmental impact from the production of a loaf of bread falls on the cultivation of wheat, in which more biomass grain used ammonium nitrate. The finished product is responsible for the emission into the atmosphere 0,589 kg of carbon dioxide. To such conclusions scientists have traced the complete cycle of production of a loaf of whole wheat bread, weight 0.8 kgs, from growing crops to transporting the final product to store shelves. The study authors noted that it is unlikely in the twenty-first century will be able to reduce the use of fertilizers in the cultivation of wheat. According to

Shoigu told about the revival of “Lightning”

Photo: TC “Star” In Russia may soon revive military-sports games for children and teenagers, the analogue of which was known in the USSR as “summer lightning”. About it in interview to TV channel “Match TV”, said Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “Report that is called, firsthand. Of course, we would like to revive in some form application army Junior military games,” he said (quoted by TASS). Shoigu recalled that “summer lightning” in Soviet times, was so popular that it was played literally the entire country. “All my rifles and pistols out of scrap materials,” he added. “But we want to invest in it and even some Patriotic content to the people in memory along with these games settled the country’s history, the history of the deeds of our fathers and grandfathers”, – concluded the head of the defense Ministry.

Alexei Navalny will play into the unknown

Alexei Navalny will play into the unknown More than half of Russians (53%) do not know who Alexei Navalny, found “Levada-center”. Among those who know about this policy is not ready to vote for him in the presidential election, 83% of respondents. The expert believes that the current level of awareness would be sufficient to start a Federal campaign. According to the survey “Levada-center”, 47% of respondents know who Alexei Navalny (53% don’t know less than 1% were undecided). In October 2013, i.e. immediately after the election of the mayor of Moscow, which was attended by politician, recognition of Mr. Navalny was slightly higher — 54%. “Attention to politics was great after elections of the mayor of Moscow”, — tells the Deputy Director “Levada-center” Alexei Grazhdankin. Chief editor of magazine “Political technologies” Sergey Polyakov believes the current level of awareness of Alexei Navalny “high enough”. “Even the Prime Minister does

Media: the house of lords is going to slow down a bill to start Brexit

Media: the house of lords is going to slow down a bill to start Brexit LONDON, Feb 28 — RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. The house of lords (upper house) of the British Parliament on Wednesday will vote on the question of the status of European citizens living in the UK and is expected to require the government to immediately guarantee their rights. Thus MPs will delay the process of passing through Parliament of the bill to start the procedure of withdrawal from the EU, according to British media, citing sources in the upper house. Prime Minister Theresa may has repeatedly said that the government guarantees the status of European citizens in the UK only on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, i.e. only if the response from the EU against the British people living in continental Europe. While in the house of Commons (the lower house of Parliament) a

Ex-assistant Le Pen, accusing her party of financial irregularities

Ex-assistant Le Pen, accusing her party of financial irregularities Gael Nofri, a former aide of marine Le Pen, has made new revelations about the illegal financing of the extreme right French party “national front”. As stated Nofri, “national front”, which Le Pen is running for President of France in 2012, hired him to work in the campaign headquarters under the fictitious contract of the European Parliament. Thus, apparently, the party was trying to understate the numbers of the official costs of the election campaign Le Pen. In respect of the “National front” already under investigation in connection with allegations of misuse of funds by the European Parliament. According to the latest polls, marine Le Pen has every chance to succeed in the first round of presidential elections, which will take place in April. However, the growing popularity of centrist Emmanuel macron, if you believe all the same survey should bypass

Bild announced the execution by Islamists of a German hostage in the Philippines

Islamic terrorist group “Abu Sayyaf” published video of execution in the Philippines, presumably, the German hostage, 70-year-old K. Jurgen (Jürgen K.). On Monday, February 27, according to the tabloid Bild. According to the newspaper, the militants demanded for kidnapped German citizen a ransom of 30 million pesos (about 570 thousand euros). In captivity Islamists the man was from November 6, 2016. Then terrorists kidnapped him from his yacht off the coast of the Philippines. Wife of Juergen — 59-year-old Sabina M. — killed. A woman’s body with multiple gunshot wounds, police discovered on Board the vessel. Group “Abu Sayyaf” was founded in the early 1990-ies, with funding from Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). “Abu Sayyaf” is known for extortion, kidnapping, bombings and brutal executions. It is considered one of the most dangerous in the region. Swore allegiance to the extremist “Islamic state”

The media reported the refusal of Moscow to detain suspects in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam

South Korea asked Russia to arrest the four North Koreans, suspects in the murder in Kuala Lumpur, Kim Jong-Nam — brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, but Moscow has taken this step due to the lack of sufficient grounds. About it reports on Tuesday, February 28, the South Korean newspaper “Chunan Ilbo”, citing a diplomatic source. According to the newspaper, the intelligence agencies of South Korea, trying to cut off alleged criminals escape route to Pyongyang, appealed to the Russian authorities with a request to establish their whereabouts and to detain for the purpose of verification of their personalities. “But the Russian side rejected the request, allowing them to leave the country,” — says the newspaper. According to “Chunan Ilbo” as the investigation into the murder of Kim Jong-Nam was at that time in the early stages, and the suspects was the nationality of the DPRK, the Russian Federation

Pushkov called the “bag of smoke” and “poisonous fog” rumors about trump’s ties with Russia

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov said that the accusations against American President Donald trump in relations with Russia is nothing more than a “bag of smoke” and “poison fog” is a statement he made in Twitter.   “The whole campaign against trump over the non-existent “ties to Russia” – nothing and a bag of smoke. Instead of facts, deliberately injected a poisonous fog,” wrote the Senator.   Previously, New York Times, citing its own sources published an article in which he accused trump that members of the presidential campaign, Republicans repeatedly had contact with senior officials of the intelligence service of the Russian Federation in 2016. Photo: Anton Belitsky / Globallookpress

The Minister of housing and communal services of the Russian Federation told where to settle Moscow “Khrushchev”

Residents of “Khrushchev”, which was scheduled for demolition to build new houses, will not drive out in the new Moscow, said the Minister of construction and housing Russian Mikhail Men in an interview with TASS. He noted that the resettlement will be quarterly, and not a point that is near the houses that will be demolished, it will create the “agile Fund”.   There were displaced people from the second of the neighborhood, destined for demolition, and so on. According to the official people who will be evicted, move into a new home that will be located near the usual place of residence.   According to the Minister, the project will last about 15-20 years, it is bound to change for the better appearance of the city. Photo: kirillbykanin / instagram