In St. Petersburg detained the activist “LGBT special forces”

The police Department № 78

In St. Petersburg, police detained the activist Alexei Sergeyev, who participated in uncoordinated actions “of the LGBT task force”, reports “OVD-info”.

He was taken to the police Department № 78. It is noted that the police had previously come to the girl to and from work.

The other participants in the performance “of the LGBT special forces” arrived in the same police Department to surrender, three of them were taken away in an unknown direction.

According to the “media zones”, February 27, was arrested the other participant Peter of the resurrection. After the execution of the Protocol on violation of order of holding the public event he was released.

Event “LGBT riot” took place February 23 on Bolshaya Morskaya street in St. Petersburg. According to one of the participants, the event was dedicated to the emergence of the “new troops” — LGBT forces, which told the speaker of city legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov. So the MP called protesters in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, protesting against his transfer to the ROC.

In the course of ironic performance art activists read out the oath of the LGBT forces and raised the rainbow flag. After the completion of the action, none of the participants was detained.