In California, a plane crashed on houses

Four people were killed, two others injured in the result of the fall of a small plane into a residential building in riverside, California, USA. About it reports on Monday, February 27, Associated Press.

Cessna 310, on Board of which were two spouses and three teenagers, crashed few minutes after takeoff from riverside airport in San Jose. In the crash killed four of the passengers, one teenager survived when hitting the ground she was thrown from the plane. The victim was taken to a local hospital.

In the fall of the aircraft caught fire two houses, and several nearby buildings were damaged. In one of the burning buildings, firefighters found the victim unconscious, he was hospitalized.

Currently, the number of victims specified, rescuers dismantle the wreckage and houses. According to eyewitnesses, the fire at the crash site continues, the propeller plane lies on the roof of a building.

The national Council for transport safety establishes the circumstances of the incident.

This is the second crash in two days in the United States. In the morning of 26 February, light aircraft Navion F crashed in new York, falling on the trees. On Board were three people, two died, one survived, he was hospitalized.