Gormost explained the harvesting of flowers from the memorial Nemtsov

Experts GBU “Gormost” explained the elimination of the spontaneous memorial at the scene of the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov security requirements. On Monday, February 27, reported the press service of the enterprise, reports “Interfax”.

“Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge — a monument of cultural heritage, one of the most popular tourist routes in the city. A large crowd of flowers, lamps, photos and other commemorative paraphernalia makes it difficult to ensure the safety of people who use the engineering building on the Moscow river”, — said the “Gormost”.

According to the representative a press-services, to completely remove the flowers, and the lamps of the bridge will not be, but large clusters will not allow.

Boris Nemtsov was killed on the night of February 27, 2015 on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge. Political activists began to bring to the place of death of the oppositionist flowers, but about a month and a makeshift memorial was dismantled. Companion of the late Ilya Yashin was then called the destruction of the memorial as a provocation and a desecration of the memory of the deceased.