Trump told about the calls to Russia

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump said that for ten years “is not called in Russia”. He said this on Monday, 27 February, at a meeting with businessmen, which was broadcast on the Fox News channel.

Reporters asked trump whether it supports the appointment of a special Prosecutor to investigate the influence of Russia on the results of presidential elections in the United States. The head of state did not answer the question, but turning to businessmen, said: “I didn’t call Russia a decade.”

White house spokesman Sean Spicer said Monday that the Bush administration opposes the appointment of spectracolor “in Russia”. “The intelligence community deals with the issue of involvement of the Russian Federation in the election, members of the Senate and house of representatives do it. How many more people have to say that there is nothing that you understand that there’s nothing?” — quoted Spicer RIA Novosti.

26 Feb trump again called the rumors about his alleged ties with Russia, “the fake news spread by the Democrats and the media spread rumors”. Two days earlier, Spicer said that the administration considers “non-existent history of” statement on the relationship of the tramp with Russia.

In January, before the inauguration of Republican, it was reported that American intelligence agencies are investigating possible ties between members of his team from Russia. In addition, it was noted that the investigators have data about certain financial transactions.

The trump has repeatedly rejected any political or business ties with Russia.