The United States recognized the inability to compete with Russia in the Arctic

The US is not able to compete with Russia in the capacity of the icebreaker fleet in the Arctic. This conclusion in his article for the American portal of Defense News , comes the Deputy Director of the Center for international security name Brent Scoperta and the head of the initiative group on Transatlantic security Magnus, Nordeman.

So, Russia in the Arctic has 10 times more icebreakersthan the United States. While Russia has the world’s longest coast line in the Arctic.

Nordeman also notes that Russia seeks to connect the Pacific and Atlantic ocean on the route of the North sea, and due to the fact that the Northern fleet of the Russian Navy is based in the Kola Peninsula, Russia has access to a wider part of the Atlantic ocean. The possibility of the presence in the Atlantic of Russian submarines able to launch cruise missiles, long-range, causing concern to the US.

In his article, Nordeman also cites the opinion of the former commander of the European command of the armed forces of the United States and Supreme commander of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, who has repeatedly expressed concern that Russia will be able to close the sea route between North America and Europe, and thereby to block the path of the reinforcement of the USA in the Atlantic ocean.

In conclusion, Nordeman emphasizes that in view of the updated Maritime strategy of Russia, which puts the emphasis on getting more access to parts of the Atlantic ocean, the US fears are not unfounded.