Protection condemned for the repost Chudnovets filed a complaint to the ECHR

Eugene Chudnovets

Protection kindergarten employee Eugenia Chudnovets, was sentenced to five months in prison for a repost in the social network, filed a complaint with the European court of human rights (ECHR). About it reports “Kommersant”. Lawyers claim that the case Chudnovets had violated her right to freedom of expression and the right to a fair trial.

The complaint stated that Chudnovets regularly published in social networks videos on topical themes — abuse of officials, violations of the rights of consumers in city shops and the like — to draw public attention to the problems of the city and violation of the rights of local residents.

This group Chudnovets and he reposted the video from the camp, laid out her friends. Group members discussed whether to accept this fact some measures. However, five hours later — after they came to the conclusion that the publication of the video may be a criminal prosecution, — Chudnovets it was removed.

A key argument in the complaint was the approval Chudnovets that she really did not know who shot the video.

Earlier, Deputy public Prosecutor Leonid Korzhinek has made to the Supreme court cassation representation on the verdict Chudnovets. The Supervisory authority insists on the abolition of the sentence and terminate criminal proceedings for lack of corpus delicti.

If the Supreme court agrees with the proposal and Institute the appeal proceedings, the decision could make the Kurgan regional court.

22 Dec 2016 Chudnovets was found guilty of distributing child pornography and sentenced to six months in prison. Later the appellate court reduced the term for a month.