Matvienko outlined the main goal of Russia’s policy in the middle East


MOSCOW, February 27. /TASS/. The main goal of Russian policy in the middle East – the middle Eastern countries achieve sustainable development, the Russian Federation is not trying to occupy a dominant position in the region. This was stated by Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko, speaking at VI conference of the middle East dialogue of the Valdai club.

“I want to say for certain: Russia does not seek to occupy a dominant position in the middle East, our main goal is to bring this key region of the world to a sustainable path of development, making it by mutual consent of the direct participants in internal conflicts”, – said the Senator. She also added that a key role in the process of resolving the conflicts in the middle East should play the UN.

However, Matviyenko stressed that Russia had always been and would continue to wage an uncompromising fight against terrorism in all its forms. “We believe that elimination of terrorism requires the formation of a broad front against terrorism. We continue to call for putting aside political differences and begin the establishment of a wide inter-parliamentary and inter-state cooperation in combating international terrorism,” she said.

Matvienko it is particularly noted the role of Interparliamentary cooperation in the settlement of various conflicts. “The members of the Federation Council to use all available opportunities in its international contacts to establish peace in the region. We will not escape the topic of settlement in the middle East and in the framework of the 137-th IPU Assembly, to be held in October this year in St. Petersburg”, – said the speaker.

She recalled that the Russian senators took the initiative of inter-parliamentary cooperation in the format of videoconferences linking the parliamentarians of Russia, European countries, Syria, Turkey, Iran and other States.

“The first teleconference was held on 16 February and joined Moscow, Damascus and Astana. The discussion was broadcast live. I hope to continue this practice with other countries. Thus, the international community will have another tool access to the real facts”, – concluded Matvienko.