In Sweden arrested spied the refugee alien

Employees of the security service of Sweden, SAPO has arrested a man, spied refugees in the Kingdom. On Monday, February 27, The Local reports.

As explained in law enforcement bodies, the malefactor has resided in the country for several years and collected data on immigrants from Tibet. The information he passed on to foreign intelligence.

As noted by the representative of special services Nina Odermalm Shay, capturing data on immigrants from a particular country in the territory of the Kingdom of responsibility, in which “respect for human rights and freedom of speech”.

Shay explained that espionage activities are carried out for the sake of understanding attitudes among migrants, as well as to prevent critical statements about the authorities of the country of origin.

In October 2013 the court of the Swedish city of örebro has sentenced a native of the African nation of Burundi to eight months in prison for espionage. As it was established during the trial, the suspect followed the critics of the current authorities of Rwanda for nine months from 2010 to 2011. Espionage he was engaged in various regions of Sweden. The collected information he gave to the representative of the Rwandan government.