EMERCOM of Russia completed the operation to extinguish the fires in Chile

EMERCOM of Russia completed the operation to extinguish the fires in Chile

Moscow. 27 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — EMERCOM of Russia completed the operation to assist Chile in the fight against wildfires, the press service of the emergencies Ministry.


“Thanks to the coordinated actions of the international aviation and land-based groups forest fire situation in Chile stabilized. By decision of the management coordination staff work to extinguish wildfires completed, the monitoring of the situation is carried out by the air forces of the Republic of Chile,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the National control center of emergency situations Ministry of interior of Chile, all hotbeds of forest fires eliminated.

Today, the plane Il-76 EMERCOM of Russia, completing the work of putting out fires, flew from Santiago to Russia.The press service of EMERCOM of Russia

According to the MOE, representatives of the National office of emergencies of Chile thanked Russian pilots for the high level of work in extinguishing forest fires, noting the high accuracy of discharges of water on the fires — more than 90% of hits.

“They said that the plane Il-76 EMERCOM of Russia brings to the Board almost 4 times more water than other machines — 42 tons, which is much more effective for fighting fires compared to other foreign aviation vessels”, — said in the MOE.

The Il-76 began to extinguish wildfires in Chile on January 30. “During the work he made 41 flight, during which 80 produced water discharge total weight of over 1,700 tons,” — said in the MOE. Thanks to the work of the Il-76 has prevented the spread of fire in the direction of the 17 settlements: Melipilla, San Pedro, Portoscuso, Navidad, concepción, San Javier, San Juan, Thals, Quilpué, viña del Mar, Rancagua, Cartagena, Lamp, the Arrival of Inez, Catillo, San Carlos and Casablanca, which are home to about 900 thousand people.