China plans to carry out the flight of the carrier rocket CZ-8 by the end of 2018

The largest manufacturer of carrier rockets in China, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology will by the end of 2018 to carry out test flight of the carrier rocket of new generation medium-lift CZ-8. About this newspaper the newspaper China Daily , citing the head of a company developing rockets If Tunhua.


According to him, the development of the launch vehicle will take about three years.


“If all goes according to schedule, test flight will take place in late 2018,” said Tonyyy.


He also added that the CZ-8 will be equipped with engines that are already used in CZ-5 and CZ-7. The center stage of the carrier rocket will be based on the CZ-7 and CZ-3A and is equipped with two solid-fuel boosters.


According to the developers, CZ-8 will be able to deliver on Solnechnoye orbit to 4.5 metric tons of payload and 2.5 tonnes into geosynchronous orbit transient.

Photo: c40 / Globallookpress