Ceremony of delivery of film awards “Oscar” began in Los Angeles

Sequel: the Film refused to go to the United States Iranian Director received the “Oscar”

In Los Angeles (California, USA) began the 89th awards ceremony of the American Academy of motion picture arts.

Leads her popular 49-year-old comedian Jimmy Kimmel. The event for the 13th time in the famous Dolby theater, designed for 3.3 thousand places. Broadcast 52 times carries ABC TV.

The first winners have already been announced. The “Oscar” was awarded to Maharshal Ali, who played in the movie “Moonlight”, in the nomination “Best male role of the second plan”.

Statuette in the category “Best female role of the second plan” has got an African-American actress viola Davis for participating in the film Denzel Washington, “Fences”.

The film “suicide Squad” was awarded the prize in the category “Best makeup and hairstyles”. Tape “Fantastic beasts and where they live” won the Oscar for best costume.

Best feature-length documentary drama named “O. J.: Made in America” was produced by Ezra Edelman, David Gascon, and gobin V. Greer in the lead roles.

Awards are given in 24 categories. A favorite is the film “La La land” by American Director Damien Chazelle, announced on “Oscar” in 14 categories is “Best picture” “Best actor” “Best actress,” “Best Director” and others. On number of nominations, the picture is on par with “Titanic” James Cameron and “All about eve” Joseph Leo Mankiewicz.

On receipt of the figurines in eight categories expect movies Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” and Barry Jenkins “Moonlight” six “For reasons of conscience” Mel Gibson, “the lion” Garth Davis and “Manchester by the sea” Kenneth Lonergan.

The ceremony is not present actress Natalie Portman, the Syrian cameraman Khalid Khatib, the Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi and actress from this country Alidousti RAM.

Portman explained the rejection of the arrival in Los Angeles pregnancy, although the stylist told the press about chosen for her outfit. The actress nominated for “Oscar” for his starring role in the film of the Chilean Director Pablo Larrain “Jackie”.

Who directed the documentary “White hats” Khatib entry into the United States was denied by American authorities, saying that in relation to it has received from the Ministry of national security “negative information”.

Farhadi, claiming the “Oscar” for the film “the Salesman”, announced the refusal to go to the ceremony after 27 January, the President of the United States Donald trump issued a decree on 90-day ban on the entry of citizens from seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population. Example the Director was followed by the performer of the title role in his movie RAM Alidousti.