Resident of the Tula region out of jealousy burned wife and four of her friends

Resident of the Tula region was set on fire the house in which his wife was drinking with four friends, one of them managed to survive. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR). The incident occurred in the night of Saturday, February 25, in a private house in the city of Bogoroditsk. Five local residents — a 30-year-old owner of the house, two of his friends men, 32 and 36, and two women, 33 and 39, were drinking alcoholic beverages. “At about 03:00 to said home approached the suspect, who from feelings of jealousy caused by the relationship between the inside of the house wife and the owner of the house, set fire to the terrace,” said the Agency. The owner received burns on the body, managed to get out on the street. “Death to remaining in the house four

Skvortsova was awarded for saving the passengers of the plane

Veronika Skvortsova The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova became the laureate of the award “Shield and rose — 2017”, according to the website of the Ministry of health. Skvortsov received the award “for their high civic and professional responsibility when assisting one of the passengers of flight Moscow — new York in the fall of last year,” explains the Agency. September 20 during his working trip Minister in new York for the UN General Assembly one of the passengers, flying from Skvortsova one flight, felt unwell. The Minister has had the woman needed emergency care. The aircraft made in St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport emergency landing, after which the passenger was safely transferred to the ambulance. In November 2013, she interrupted a report on the meeting of the government Presidium, to assist the unconscious FSO. In August of the same year the Minister had to help the passenger of

In the centre of Brussels concert hall evacuated because of reports about the bomb

In the centre of Brussels concert hall evacuated because of reports about the bomb Concert hall Ancienne Belgique, located in the centre of Brussels on the Boulevard Sochi were evacuated because of reports about the bomb, reports TV channel RTBF. All were evacuated about 1 thousand persons. The evacuation began at 21:00 local time before the concert of the singer Jain. By words a press-the Secretary of police, at 20:30 at the police station near the Grand-place, came men who reported that they had heard talk that the concert hall “going to explode”. In the concert hall for inspection came a group of handlers, however, by 22:00 the police said that the hall will re-open and the performance will be held Jain Visitors are welcome in small groups of 10 people at the entrance, they searched, said RTBF.

In Germany, died one of the victims after the accident truck people

In Germany, died one of the victims after the accident truck people BERLIN, Feb 26 — RIA Novosti. One of the victims in the result of collision of a car into a group of people in the German Heidelberg died, informs on Saturday Agency DPA referring to local police. It is noted that the man died from his injuries in the hospital, he was 73 years old. According to police, the man was a citizen of Germany. Two other victims — a 32-year-old citizen of Austria and a 29-year-old citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after medical aid sent home. Earlier on Saturday at about 16.00 p.m. (18.00 GMT) armed with a knife, the driver has made arrival on the German passers-by in Heidelberg, three people were injured, police shot and wounded the attacker, said on Saturday the TV channel N24, citing a police spokesman. The driver tried to flee the