In Moscow will host the “March in memory of Boris Nemtsov”

In Moscow will host the “March in memory of Boris Nemtsov”

MOSCOW, 26 Feb — RIA Novosti. “March in memory of Boris Nemtsov” will be held on Sunday on the boulevards of Moscow, the organizers agreed the city authorities of the action said to participate in the March up to 30 thousand people.

The Germans occupied in 1990-ies a number of high posts in the government of Russia, and in the 2000s, joined the opposition. He was killed on 27 February 2015 at approximately midnight (23.31 GMT) on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge in the centre of the capital.

Share a memory

Gathering of participants will start in Pushkin square at 13.00 Moscow time, the procession will begin at 14.00 GMT and will move in the direction of Strastnoy Boulevard, next to be held in Petrovsky, Rozhdestvensky, Sretensky boulevards to Sakharov Avenue

After the action, which is scheduled for 16.00 GMT, the participants minimized agitation and will pass to the place of murder Nemtsov on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge, where demonstrators plan to lay flowers.

According to a member of the organizing Committee Ilya Yashin, it is expected that the demonstration will take place mostly under Russian flags, flags of political organizations will be in limited numbers, among the posters are the traditional slogans of the liberal opposition. In addition, the organizing Committee is preparing a large number of posters with portraits and quotes Nemtsov.

At the head of the column will be the leaders of the democratic parties and organizations, including the Chairman of the party “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov and chair of Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov.

Earlier, Yashin said that the purpose of the event is to honor the memory of Nemtsov, to Express solidarity with the ideas associated with his name, so March will be of a political nature.

Restriction of movement

According to the Department of transport of Moscow, this day for motorists will be closed from 11.00 inner side of the Passionate, Petrovsky, Christmas, Sretensky parkways, as well as the Academician Sakharov Avenue from Sretensky Boulevard to the house 7.

Traffic on the streets will resume again as you progress through the column.