Gone under the hammer telephone Hitler called a fake

Gone under the hammer telephone Hitler called a fake

MOSCOW, 26 Feb — RIA Novosti. Experts doubt the authenticity of the personal telephone of Adolf Hitler, which was sold at auction for 243 thousand dollars. About it the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said the representative of the Frankfurt Museum of communications Frank Gagel.

“It’s definitely a fake. This phone was released by Siemens&Halske, but the receiver he’s English. Never did,” he said.

The expert believes that sold under the hammer apparatus was assembled later in the United Kingdom.

Suspicions aroused and red that painted phone. “Siemens would make the instance colored plastic and not painted would be a black phone,” said Hagel.

Besides, he added, engraved with the emblem of Hitler is also covered with a simple paint, not in the spirit of the time.

It is doubtful, according to him, and that the apparatus is equipped with a disc for the set, while the phone Hitler has always been connected to the telephone station.

In addition, Hagel criticized the description of the device as a “road phone” Hitler. “The idea is to take the phone in the way can only come from the generation that uses mobile phones. Then there were no telephone sockets with a fork. The phone was constantly connected to the outlet in the wall, I’m to take”, — said the expert.

“Hitler phone” was sold on February 19. According to the auction house, camera engraved with the name of Hitler was the gift of the Wehrmacht. In 1945, Soviet soldiers found him in Hitler’s bunker and handed then to the British officer, whose family he kept. The lot was called “possibly the most devastating “weapon” of all time, who murdered millions of people around the world.”