USA can re-enable the DPRK to the list of state sponsors of terrorism

United States of America can re-enable North Korea to list of state sponsors of terrorism, it is reported RT with reference to the Japanese Agency Kyodo.


It is noted that the source of information were representatives of the highest diplomatic circles of the USA. Possible adoption of decision on the inclusion of Korea in such a list is linked to the murder of Kim Jong-Nam, brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. In the US, I suspect that Kim Jong-Nam was killed by some agent using nerve gas.


Kim Jong-Nam, a long time lived in exile in China, was killed on 13 February at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. Presumably, city Asia with a female accomplice approached him and as the police said, “made some manipulations”, then the man felt unwell and died shortly thereafter.


The status of a country – sponsor of terrorism requires a lot of international restrictions. Such countries are subject to financial and trade sanctions, in particular, they are forbidden to sell weapons.

Photo: Mohd Daud / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress