Ukrainian soldiers feel themselves criminals in the colony: video

On the website Youtube there was video shot by the servicemen of the Armed forces of Ukraine, who trained at the centre “Desna” in Chernihiv region. Frustrated by the conditions of service of the military showed their barracks and told about what they have to do.


The building, which for decades has not been repaired. the plaster on the walls and growing mold. This is facilitated by the old frames of the Windows are so leaky that the cracks you can stick your finger. The author removes the rusty sinks, faucets, of which there is only cold water. Instead of a shower – tray in the common wash basin. Toilets, according to him, constantly clogged. Contractors also complain of a form that is not designed for winter, and more like a windbreaker.


In addition to domestic conditions, problems and education. They are young conscripts, who spent several months in the area of so-called ATO. The author notes that they teach anything of contractors, some of whom have themselves served, I can’t. No training in shooting, medical training just yet.


Contractors also noted the bad attitude of the officers: they were forced to March in formation, constantly use foul language and will not release. The video say they feel they are criminals, and the barracks called the stables.


According to the report, published on the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, the Minister Stepan Poltorak took a number of personnel decisions on the basis of the Commission’s work in the training center. It dismissed three officers and promised to allocate additional funds for repairs.

Photo: Vitaly Zaika / VKontakte