Trump made an appointment with him have angered Kim Jong-UN

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump did not rule out his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. He stated this on Thursday, February 23, in an interview with Reuters.

“You should never say no. Although it may already be too late, especially given the current picture,” — said the American leader.

He also stressed that the actions of the North Korean leader “really angered” him. The US President was referring to the ongoing Pyongyang ballistic missile tests. He also expressed the opinion that the accelerated creation of a missile defense for Japan and South Korea is one of the many possible options for the deterrence of the DPRK.

“This is very dangerous, had long ago to do something about it. Very dangerous and simply unacceptable and unfair to Japan,” said trump.

According to him, China could very easily solve the problem posed by North Korea a threat to its national security, if I wanted to.

Donald trump has repeatedly stated that North Korea threaten both the United States to some Asian countries, including South Korea and Japan, which Washington considers to be its key allies in the region.

Also in an interview with the Western Agency, the White house announced plans to increase the U.S. nuclear Arsenal and bring the country to a leading position in this field.

February 12, the DPRK conducted tests of a ballistic missile medium-range “polar star-2”, the North Korean leadership declared them successful. The security Council (SC) of the United Nations condemned the launch, considering it a serious violation of Pyongyang’s international obligations under six UN security Council resolutions. North Korea insists that the background of the aggression of Washington has full right to sell missile and nuclear program, and does not recognize the documents of the security Council of the world organization.