The white house called a non-existent history information on the relationship of the tramp with Russia

Sean Spicer

The Bush administration considers “non-existent history of” allegations of links Donald trump with Russia. As reported TASS, said on Friday, February 24, press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer.

“It is impossible to prove that something does not exist. He [trump] has already talked about how many times he spoke to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and that he has no interests in Russia,” — said the spokesman.

Spicer noticed that trump “may not indefinitely deny what is not”. “The meaning is not that no story really exists?” he added.

A spicey statement made during a briefing that was not allowed correspondents of the TV channel CNN, as well as leading Newspapers The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Politico. Edition of CNN and The New York Times condemned the decision of the White house, expressing protest.

On Friday at the Conference of the conservative political action (CPAC), which was made by the President of the United States Donald trump, there was a provocation with Russian flags. Activists, give participants the flags with the flag, explained that thus tried to point out the “clear and present danger” alleged ties trump with Russia. “Putin chose trump because it is good for Russia, not because it is suitable for America. We need to remove trump from office; he is a traitor to the country that I love,” said one of them.

In January it was reported that US intelligence agencies are investigating possible ties between members of the team trump with Russia. In addition, it was noted that the investigators have data about certain financial transactions.

The trump has repeatedly rejected any political or business ties with Russia.