The United States warned of the risk of incidents in the skies over Syria due to ISIS defeat

Success in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in Syria increases the risk of incidents between the air forces of different countries, including Russia and the United States. As reported TASS, said the head of air combat command U.S. air force Herbert Carlisle.

“I definitely think that it [the situation] to deteriorate,” said the General. He explained that the reduction in the territory controlled by terrorists, leads to the fact that the combat aircraft of Russia, Syria and the United States now operates “at a close distance from each other.”

“When we deprive ISIS of space combat, is, by definition, creates greater potential for conflict between the us and other players in this theatre [of military action], including Turks, which in this region too fly,” said Carlisle. This situation forces the command of the international coalition to talk about the intensification of dialogue with Russia in order “to prevent miscalculations or any potential conflicts,” he added, calling for the expansion of the dialogue between Russian and us military on Syria.

The General also said that the radar station of air defense of Russia and Syria do not work purposefully against the U.S. air force. “They [Russia and Syria’s] system [of defense] active. [But] they do not “light up” our aircraft with any kind of radar acquisition and tracking of target or something like that. However, these missile systems “earth-air” is actively being exploited. Their radars active,” said Carlisle.

The international coalition led by the United States in 2014 is conducting in Syria operation against terrorists. Russian HQs have begun to strike at militants in this country in the autumn of 2015. In October last year between the two countries had signed a Memorandum of understanding on the prevention of incidents and to ensure security of flights in Syrian airspace.