Shoigu: the Russian space forces since the beginning of the year made 1.8 thousand sorties in Syria


RIA Novosti

Russian aerospace forces during the operation in Syria this year have made almost 1,8 thousand sorties, eliminating 475 control points by the militants, said defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. The Minister also added that the Russian military suffered 5 thousand 682 blow to the infrastructure of terrorists killed 40 training camps, 45 factories and workshops for the production of ammunition, also eliminated 3 119 thousand fighters, including 26 field commanders.

Shoigu added that the Russian special forces played a key role in the elimination of terrorists in the fighting in Syria, reports RIA “Novosti”.

On Tuesday, Shoigu said that the rebels in Syria for six years from the beginning of the war are provided with continuous supply from abroad ammunition and weapons.

He also stated that the operation of aerospace defence forces of Russia in Syria has allowed to solve a geopolitical problem, which was to break the chain of “color revolutions” in the middle East and Africa.