In a Chinese hotel there was a fire in the building blocked persons

In a Chinese hotel there was a fire in the building blocked persons BEIJING, Feb 25 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Bulatov. The fire occurred Saturday morning at a hotel in Jiangxi province in Southeast China, the hotel blocked people, reports Xinhua news Agency citing local authorities. It is reported that the fire occurred in the hotel in Nanchang. At the moment, to the place of profit fire-fighting crews. According to the Agency, the fire started on the second floor of the building during repair work. #BREAKING Several trapped after fire breaks out in hotel in Nanchang, E China’s Jiangxi — CGTN (@CGTNOfficial) 25 Feb 2017 Information on the exact number of people that can be inside the building, no. Other details not reported. However, the Agency notes that on the floor where the fire started, could be more than 10 workers.

Moscow will host a children’s Liturgy, headed by Patriarch Kirill

Moscow will host a children’s Liturgy, headed by Patriarch Kirill The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on Saturday will lead to the Epiphany Cathedral in Yelokhovo, the divine Liturgy, the main participants of which will be children, told RIA Novosti the head of the press service of the Primate of the Russian Church the priest Alexander Volkov. “To worship is to sing a consolidated children’s choir,” said the priest. In elohovskom Cathedral, as he said, will gather a few dozen children’s choirs. The choir said the priest will perform all the songs of the Liturgy. “This is such an unusual, new practices — once a year the Patriarch makes the Liturgy, which is sung only children,” — said the press Secretary of the first Hierarch of the Church. In Yelokhovsky Cathedral the relics of St. Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow, whom the Church recalls just this day The great

Globo: the court has reduced the sentence of the son of Pele from 33 to 12 years

Globo: the court has reduced the sentence of the son of Pele from 33 to 12 years Edinho, in 2014, was convicted of money laundering related to drug trafficking. MOSCOW, February 25. /TASS/. The court of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo adopted the decision on the appeal, the eldest son of three-time world Cup champion Pele, Edinho and reduced his term of imprisonment on charges of drug trafficking from 33 to 12 years old. It is reported by Brazilian newspaper Globo. Last summer, he became coach of the Brazilian club’s “Agua Santa”. Pele himself all this time has not commented on the trial against one of his six children. Edinho participated in the championship of Brazilian football, played in the club “Santos”, where at one time shone his father. He ended his career in 1999, at the age of 29 when he was sentenced to six months in prison.

In Ireland hurricane “Doris” damaged tree from “Game of thrones”

In Ireland hurricane “Doris” damaged tree from “Game of thrones” In Northern Ireland the hurricane “Doris” damaged trees at the famous alley of the Dark hedges, where were shooting the TV series “Game of thrones”, reports Sky News. Clarifies that a hurricane destroyed a 200 year old tree and damaged a number of neighbouring. The Avenue of beech trees, Dark hedges, located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland and is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the region. La tempête Doris a endommagé de The Dark Hedges Game of Thrones — sandiet. (@sandiet) 24 Feb 2017 The most popular place gained after the filming of “Game of thrones” — the Dark Charges filmed the Royal route, the main road of Westeros, the Storm passing from the Limit on the South to the Wall in the North. It is on the kingsroad Arya stark in the second season

Media reported about concerns of the authorities of the Czech Republic for the life of the uncle of Kim Jong UN

Media reported about concerns of the authorities of the Czech Republic for the life of the uncle of Kim Jong UN The North Korean Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Kim Pyong Il, who is the uncle of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Ynu, almost never appears in public, his life could be in danger. This writes the South Korean newspaper the Dong-A Ilbo. According to the publication, Kim Pyong-Il, half-brother of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, almost never participates in social activities since then, in January 2015, presented his credentials to the Czech President Milos Zeman. Before his transfer to Prague, Kim Pyong Il for 16 years headed the diplomatic mission of the DPRK in Poland. “Only a few of the foreign ambassadors in the Czech Republic ever met Kim Pyong Il. I think he tries not to appear in public, limiting movements from his official residence to

On the territory of Ingushetia banned the perpetuation of the memory of Stalin

Photo: RIA Novosti Deputies of the National Assembly of Ingushetia on first reading unanimously passed a law prohibiting the territory of the Republic to perpetuate the memory of Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee Joseph Stalin. About it reports a press-service of the regional Parliament, reports “Interfax”. The draft law was adopted in the eve of the 73 anniversary of the deportation of the Ingush people. “The draft law envisages a ban on the commemoration of Joseph Stalin, who was subjected to mass repression of entire peoples, including the Ingush people”, – have informed in a press-service. The spokesman stated that we are talking about a ban on the installation of the busts and monuments, “the chief organizer of repression,” and the appropriation of his name to the settlements, streets. Also prohibits public justification of Stalin, the placement of his image in public areas and administrative offices with the

Putin introduced the liability of governors for mobilization in time of war

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law, involving the personal responsibility of governors and heads of ministries for mobilizing the population during the war. The document was approved by the Federation Council on 15 February. Putin signed the law on the personal liability of governors for mobilizing The new law imposes on heads of regions and municipalities accountable for the mobilization of citizens and the preparation for it. The law also stipulates that the conscription commissions for the mobilization of the population should be established by decision of the governors. The Chairpersons of these commissions should be the governors. Federal law will start to operate in 10 days after publication.

In the state Duma reacted to the Swedish idea of a break for sex during working

Photo: RIA Novosti State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov called the Swedish policy on the introduction of breaks for sex at work total meltdown, said on Wednesday, February 22, the TV channel “360”. According to the MP, the Scandinavian country is on the path of “self destruction as a nation and state.” “This situation illustrates to what state a once great country and culture may result in a total rampage of social experimentation and liberal ideologies,” said Milonov. As the Inquirer reports, Swedish politician, Per-Erik Muskos (Per-Erik Muskos) was of the opinion that European couples spend too little time, so he made a proposal to introduce a one hour break at work so that employees could have time to go home and have sex with their partners. “The sex is good, this is indicated by many studies. It helps to maintain health and to improve relations between people. In addition, it

The United States warned of the risk of incidents in the skies over Syria due to ISIS defeat

Success in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in Syria increases the risk of incidents between the air forces of different countries, including Russia and the United States. As reported TASS, said the head of air combat command U.S. air force Herbert Carlisle. “I definitely think that it [the situation] to deteriorate,” said the General. He explained that the reduction in the territory controlled by terrorists, leads to the fact that the combat aircraft of Russia, Syria and the United States now operates “at a close distance from each other.” “When we deprive ISIS of space combat, is, by definition, creates greater potential for conflict between the us and other players in this theatre [of military action], including Turks, which in this region too fly,” said Carlisle. This situation forces the command of the international coalition to talk about the intensification of dialogue with

The white house called a non-existent history information on the relationship of the tramp with Russia

Sean Spicer The Bush administration considers “non-existent history of” allegations of links Donald trump with Russia. As reported TASS, said on Friday, February 24, press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer. “It is impossible to prove that something does not exist. He [trump] has already talked about how many times he spoke to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and that he has no interests in Russia,” — said the spokesman. Spicer noticed that trump “may not indefinitely deny what is not”. “The meaning is not that no story really exists?” he added. A spicey statement made during a briefing that was not allowed correspondents of the TV channel CNN, as well as leading Newspapers The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Politico. Edition of CNN and The New York Times condemned the decision of the White house, expressing protest. On Friday at the Conference of the conservative political action